PwnCenter and Steffwiz Source Updates

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PwnCenter Both the PwnCenter and Steffwiz sources were “updated” in Cydia. The update adds the Steffwiz source into the PwnCenter source. When you install the PwnCenter source package (version 0-1) in Cydia, it will remove the Steffwiz source from your iPhone or iPod Touch. The source url for the PwnCenter source has not changed, it just now adds all the Steffwiz apps into the PwnCenter source.

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  1. i cant add no sources to Cydia. When i try it says ” Did not find repository”. i just updated to 2.2.1

  2. i have the same problem exept im running on 3.1.3 firmware

  3. When I Downloaded Steffwiz, it gave Me This Error. Mine now Says “Wow, you have Exceeded The Amount Of Packages This Repo Can Hold” in red Letters. Next, all my Installed Packages, sources, changes, search, and files Are GONE!!!
    If I Go To Featured, it shows The Packages.
    When I Tap It, it says, “Could not locate Package.”
    What Can I Do Now But Restore My iPhone
    To iOS 5.1.1 … All My Stuff Is gone Except The Things I Already Installed.

    Please Help Me. If You Have A Salution, email me

    Please Help!