CallMe – Add a One Touch Dial or Text Icon for Contacts to Home Screen

This app reminds me of the app called SpringDial where you could add an icon for any contact to your home screen to quickly dial them. That app is no longer in Cydia so here’s another option and it has even more features.

Once CallMe is installed, just open the app and pick a contact you want to reach straight from your home screen by tapping the plus sign in the top right. Once you select who you want to contact, pick the number you want to reach them at. Next pick if you want to call them or text them and pick what text you want to show under the icon. Close the app and your iPhone will respring. You’re all set! [Read more…]

QuickTip – Adding Web Pages to your SpringBoard

AiS I will be sticking with my Safari theme with this QuickTip as well.

QuickTip – When in Safari, you can add any web page to your SpringBoard by selecting the + icon on the lower menu bar and then selecting the Add to Home Screen option. This will bring up a page displaying the web pages icon and title. You are able to change the title by taping in the title box and typing in a new title. Once you are finished, you can then select Add in the upper right corner. The web page will automatically be added to the SpringBoard with the rest of your icons. This makes for a quick and easy way to access the websites you visit most often. Screenshots below.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in a QuickTip…I have archived them and will definitely use them in the future! If you have a QuickTip you would like to submit you can email it to [Read more…]