Updated F.A.Q Page – How to add sources to Cydia.

AiS Well, after a long night of travel last night, we reached our destination. So today, with a little bit of down time before all the Christmas craziness begins, I have updated another guide on our f.a.q page. It is a detailed guide on how to add sources to Cydia. This includes step-by-step instructions on how to install additional sources using Cydia and how to manually add your own sources to Cydia. You can check out the How to Add Sources to Cydia guide HERE. If you are looking for more source…check out our Sources Page. It contains a list of sources available for both Cydia and Installer.

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  1. hi guys,
    Do you have any recomended sources to add?
    Theres quite a few and is it really worth adding them all?
    Thanx X

  2. I have downloaded cydia on my ipad but it does not show any tweaks how to download them??