Updated F.A.Q Page – How to add sources to Cydia.

AiS Well, after a long night of travel last night, we reached our destination. So today, with a little bit of down time before all the Christmas craziness begins, I have updated another guide on our f.a.q page. It is a detailed guide on how to add sources to Cydia. This includes step-by-step instructions on how to install additional sources using Cydia and how to manually add your own sources to Cydia. You can check out the How to Add Sources to Cydia guide HERE. If you are looking for more source…check out our Sources Page. It contains a list of sources available for both Cydia and Installer.

New F.A.Q Answer

AiS I’m sure most of you already know what firmware is running on your iPhone or iPod Touch. However, for those of your who do not know and would like to, I have added a new page to our F.A.Q page with instructions on how to do just that. Check out our How to know what firmware is running on you iPhone or iPod Touch page for more info.

Updating F.A.Q Page

AiS Hey guys, I have been spending the day updating some things on our F.A.Q page...making them more relevant to firmware 2.x. You may have noticed that I posted an updated article on how to manually add themes to your iPhone or iPod Touch. As I update some of guides, I will post the updated versions. Otherwise, keep an eye on our F.A.Q page as I continue to update it.

Note: I also updated our OpenSSH page making it relevant for both 2.x firmware and 1.1.4 and below firmware.

Updated f.a.q Page

Apple iPhone School We are going to be spending some time during the next few weeks updating our f.a.q page. We will be updating the information, the organization and adding new tutorials. I have already added three new tutorials under the Installer section and have many more on my list!! If you have any requests for tutorials…let us know in the comments.