Updated f.a.q Page

Apple iPhone School We are going to be spending some time during the next few weeks updating our f.a.q page. We will be updating the information, the organization and adding new tutorials. I have already added three new tutorials under the Installer section and have many more on my list!! If you have any requests for tutorials…let us know in the comments.

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  1. Looks great Brooke!

  2. Maybe say in the f.a.q, how you get your phone into recover and dfu mode.

  3. How do I view embedded content on the iPhone/iTouch in safari? Video?Flash? Java? Etc…..

  4. great job. you might want to update you vocab page like you updated you FAQ (same layout)

  5. How do I change to mobile view?

    • let me check in to this.. I think I can put some code in the main site that allows you to switch to mobile mode.

  6. How come when I delete something from my installer app or do a recovery on my phone, the previous apps are no longer in installer?? How do I get them back???

  7. Hello! One doubt I currently have is how does one exactly put custom icons into the iPhone? I haven’t found easy to follow steps or tutorials. Maybe I’m not looking where I should? Thanks!