Add Emoticons to the Status Bar

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MakeItMine I know many of you are probably familiar with the app MakeItMine which allows you to easily customize your Carrier Logo and Banner (that is the area where the time is located on the Status Bar). One cool thing that I just found is that you can add emoticons to your Status Bar using MIM (MakeItMine).

When you open the app, just enter the emoticons like you would your custom text (see note below). Simple and easy.

I did find a few issues, the Carrier Logo area will cut the top of some of the taller emoticons (the Banner area does not). Also, you cannot use MIM to change the Banner if you have the Status Bar Date mod turned on in SBSettings. Other than that, kind of a fun little mod with the opportunity for some crazy Status Bars! You can get MakeItMine via the modmyi source.

Note: In order to have emoticons on your Status Bar, you will need to enable them on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can do so using Spell Number….see the review of Spell Number HERE. Or, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use an app called Emoji in Cydia…see review of Emoji HERE>.


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  2. If you want your messages icon to blend in with the theme. Go in the theme folder and rename the icon from MobileSMS or SMS to Messages.png – should fix that for ya.

  3. im so lost i downloaded Make it mine but there is nothing at the bottom with the pictures

    • you need to have emoji enabled on your keyboards
      download emoji everywhere off cydia or emoji from appstore
      then enable it in keyboards under languages
      then click the planet symbol to change keyboard

  4. What theme are you using there, it looks pretty cool, would like to try it out :)

  5. This post isn’t quite elaborated IMO.

    I have MakeItMine installed, but don’t see any emoticons? Do wee need some other extras from Cydia for this to work?

    Please explain.

    • Yes! You need to have Emoji installed (find it in cydia) and enabled. You enable it as an extra keyboard in the settings app.

    • Stevey101 says

      If you took the time and read the previous post, you would not be asking this question.

  6. This is AIS 102, we assumed you learned about Emoji in AIS 101 ;).

  7. I need more space on the status bar for notifications like battery%, emails sms, alerts etc not flowers and smileys :) but its nice
    Is it possible to have two status bar??

  8. This may sound stupid, but is that an apple iphone school app in the screenshots? If so what does it do and how do you get it? (already searched app store and cydia)

    • If you go to on your iPhone (or iPod Touch), once the site loads, you can hit the + icon at the bottom of the screen and select the Add to Home Screen option. That will add our icon to your SpringBoard.

      Check out THIS guide.

  9. @Stevery101 That’s nonsense.

    Nowhere in this article can you read :”You need an emoticon app or extension to show those emoticons”

    So someone would presume that they’re available by default.

    That was my intention when i said that it needs more elaboration.

  10. @Brooke Thank you. Now it’s easy to follow. I appreciate the feedback.

  11. That is such old news You can even add emoji on your system strings (you know the slide to unlock) WOW

  12. The Digital Alchemist says

    I’m still on 2.2 and not going to upgrade to 3.0. Does MakeItMine still work with 2.2? I don’t venture too often into Cydia unless it’s to get an app I really want. Also is MakeItMine stable? I kind of remember reading a piece here that is was a little wonky.


    • iphonelover says

      yes it is stable, and work on 2.2 also.

    • The Digital Alchemist says

      Thanks iphonelover,

      I got MakeItMine as well as No Page Dots. Fun little apps. I wish there was a way to keep the clock along with a text string for the banner though.

  13. This is sooo old =)

  14. iphonelover says

    Hi Brooke,
    I see you have Emoji install and also do i but i being trying to use those emotions sending it in my text (SMS) and i can’t make it to work,
    have you try it and do they work for you?
    it’s there something else that i have to do to make it work?
    please let me know?

  15. This is nothing new  You can even add emoji on your system strings (you know the slide to unlock) WOW

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