Lockitron – Unlock Your House Doors With Your iPhone

I would love to have this iPhone accessory that allows you to unlock your home’s front door from your iPhone. I live in a condo so I have to park in a parking lot and then help my 3 kids into the house while carrying all sorts of things. It would be so nice to just open the door from my phone before I get out of the car. Or of course when friends come over and I don’t want to get up from my xBox game. The device is called Lockitron and costs at least $295. There are different styles of locks so check out their website to see if it will work for you: lockitron.com [Read more…]

PhotoProtect – Prevent Photos from Being Deleted

PhotoProtect is a cool little hack that allows the ability to keep the photos and/or videos in your Camera Roll from being deleted. This is a great way to prevent kids from accidentally deleting your photos! Once installed, the hack is automatically activated. If you go into the Camera Roll and select the trash button you will get a pop-up that says, “Don’t delete my photos! It’s a trap!” When you select OK, it will do nothing. The photo will not be deleted and will stay in the Camera Roll.
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guyPhone 4 – Working iPhone 4 Costume Made From 40″ LED Screen

##ICON_NAME##Ok, if I was at a costume party tonight, this is totally what I would wear. Of course I wasn’t at a costume party. I was recording episode 24 of our video podcast, i101! Anyway, this thing is totally awesome. An iPhone is hacked to use it’s display out to a 40″ flat screen (that is not actually touch) running on a 2 hour battery that you can wear! There’s a sweet little video, lots of pics and the full details below. Oh, and the flash on the back lights up, I’m so jealous.



Press Release

TAMPA, FLA., John Savio (Center), Abigail Gardner (Featured as Apple Employee) This year they’re back at it again. John Savio and Reko Rivera went their separate ways. John created the upgraded rendition of the iPhone 4 featured here at 10x to scale, complete with a 40″ LED LCD Panel, a Jailbroken iPhone 4, VGA out from the iPohone, LED Back Camera Light, weighs roughly 75 lbs and uses a mini 12v Battery with 2+ hours of battery life. The costume took a total of 3 days / 40 hours to complete.

BACKSTORY — This all started three years ago Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman created a wearable large iPhone costume with a real 37″ lcd tv. An iPod was attached with a looping video of a real iphones screen in normal use. Last year with the help of John Savio and John Matthews the team created yet another amazing rendition of the new iPhone 3GS. Savio loved the original idea but wanted to take it to the next level and make it thinner and actually work with user input! With some heavy researching and some solid determination Savio finally found a solution. He managed to modify the software on the iPhone to allow a live dual image output to the large 42″ lcd tv while maintaining the image in landscape mode. Reko originally came up with the idea and really pushed to see his vision come to life two years ago. This year John Savio and Reko Rivera embarked on different projects. John stuck with his love of apple products and Reko ventured off to explore his love of DJ’ing with a mobile DJ setup.

iOS Coming To The Mac

Mac App StoreLast week Apple announced that the operating system from the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad will be coming to the Mac in the Summer of 2011. There are some very interesting ways they are going to do this. They include an App Store, Launchpad, Folders, Full-screen apps, and Mission Control. I’ll explain each of these better below and I’ve also included the full video of the announcement which includes updates to the MacBook Air and iLife. [Read more…]

i101 – Episode 21

Show Notes

iPad at Target & China
Nationwide wifi – http://www.slashgear.com/super-wifi-in-the-works-devices-could-ship-by-next-year-13101944/
HDR on iPhone 3G & 3GS – in Cydia as HDR Camera Enabler
Install duplicate apps – http://www.brianminor.com/2009/11/12/installing-the-same-app-twice-on-the-iphone/
iPad star trek sounds (Cydia)

3G Unrestrictor – Enable Wifi Features Over 3G & EDGE (FaceTime on 3G!) (video)

3G Unrestrictor has been updated to work with iPhone 4 and firmware 4.x. You know what this means! FaceTime calls anywhere! Now we’ve tested this out, and really it works better on 3G than it does on EDGE but it does work. Once installed you can just open the app and select apps you’d like to fake out. This makes them think your phone is on Wifi instead of 3G or EDGE. Other apps that this can help with instead of FaceTime are the App Store, which won’t let you download apps over 20MB. This goes for videos in iTunes too. Although Skype recently announced the use of Skype over 3G, you can avoid additional costs if they ever do decide to charge for it. Another place this will help is when videos download over 3G they are compressed more which makes them more blurry. With 3G Unrestrictor, YouTube thinks it’s on Wifi and will download the full resolution version. [Read more…]

Infinifolders – Unlimited Apps in iOS 4 Folders (more than 12 apps)

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

InfinifoldersThis is a major reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch if you haven’t already. Apple made a sweet move by adding the ability to add folders full of icons calling the feature ‘folders‘. Of course they probably just copied the jailbreak hack called ‘categories’. Anyway, I’ll admit that Apple’s implimentation is better and the GUI is beautiful. The major downfall to the feature is the limit of apps you can fit in a folder, just 12.

Well, what if I have 20 ‘Kids Games’ or 30 ‘News’ apps? With Infinifolders you can now have them all in one folder. And this is the stock folders from Apple. Now you can scroll down past the 12 app limit. Here’s a video fo what it looks like. [Read more…]

Bluetooth Mode – Turn on Bluetooth in One Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: $0.99  

BluetoothThis app is really simple. You just tap the icon, it toggles your Bluetooth and closes. Just one tap and you can turn on or off your Bluetooth. This should work on all iPhones and iPod touches but I could not get it to work on my iPad :( Here’s a little video of how it works:



Friday Night Movie Night – Create Time-lapse Videos From iPhone 3G or 3GS

I will be honest, this is my first Friday Night Movie Night. Normally Doug does Friday Night Movie Night but since he is in Africa… I thought I would give it a shot. These are some cool videos I found that were created using an app called ReelMoments.

ReelMoments, by Nexvio Inc., is an application that allows you to create time-lapse videos right from your iPhone 3G or 3GS. The videos below were captured with ReelMoments and edited with ReelDirector (also by Nexvio Inc.).

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qTweeter Released in App Store as qStatus

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

qStatus Many of you are probably familiar with qTweeter, a very unique twitter and facebook client. We have been doing reviews of qTweeter for quite a while now. Well, it seems that the app has now been released in the App Store under the title qStatus… and still contains many of the same features.

I received an email from the developers that saying that jailbroke version of qTweeter will need some updating in order to function with the 3.1 firmware… which may take some time. However, qStatus it is now available in the App Store. Obviously, you can not slide from the statusbar to launch qStatus but, the app does still contain the features listed below (which some of the features are actually pretty cool… I’ve always liked this application). [Read more…]

Video Demos of Facebook 3.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Facebook While we wait for version 3.0 of the Facebook application to be approved by Apple, the developer has been kind enough to give us a few preview/demo videos. Below are three videos from the developer that show specific features of the app and a nice overview video of the app (not from the developer). [Read more…]

Discovery Communications Launches Discovery Channel Application

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Discovery Channel Discovery Communications launches a Discovery Channel application in the App Store. It is a feature packed application that allows you to watch videos from some of Discovery’s top shows; Man vs. Wild, MythBusters, Dirty Jobs, Storm Chasers… etc. In addition to watching video clips from the shows, you can also view the TV schedule, find out more info about the show and meet the cast.

Other features of the app include; Latest Videos, News, Most Viewed Videos, Photo Galleries, Quizzes, TV Schedules and a Search option. There are also links to each show in iTunes where you can then purchase the full episodes. [Read more…]

qTweeter Update – Upload Videos to Twitter and Facebook on First Gen iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then Donation  

qTweeter qTweeter, a Twitter application, has been updated to version 2.0. The update adds a new feature – video. The really cool part is that you can send a video tweet not only from an iPhone 3GS but also an iPhone 3G and a first gen iPhone (on the 3.0 firmware)! Very cool. [Read more…]

Friday Night Movie Night: Poppi

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

YouTubeHere’s a nice, addicting game for only $0.99. It has a clean design and nice sound effects. Check out the video below and click the iTunes link to buy in the App Store.


Friday Night Movie Night: Pizza Hut App

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

YouTubeOk, so it’s actually not Friday night, it’s Saturday morning. Maybe we could call this Saturday morning cartoons! Well, we’re on vacation right now and didn’t get to Friday Night Movie Night last night. Now that we have a nice 3G connection we can post some videos. This was one of the top viewed iPhone videos on YouTube in the last week. It’s an app for ordering pizza from Pizza Hut. Looks pretty nice!

Pizza Hut