TwitVid Update – Upload Videos to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube

Available In: App Store       Price: Free   

TwitVid TwitVid recently updated their website/app adding the ability to upload your videos to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. To turn the features on, you you will need to go to their website, login and choose where you would like the videos to upload.

The next time you post a video to Twitter using TwitVid, it will also add the video to the other places you have chosen. You do not have the choice to post one video to just Twitter and another to both Twitter and Facebook. Once you turn on the Facebook (or YouTube or MySpace) option on the website, it will automatically upload all the videos you post on Twitter to the other places. In order to not upload a video to a certain place, you would have to go back onto the website and remove that option.

Things to note:
– When a video is uploaded to Facebook it adds the video to your “wall” however, it does not add it to the actual Video app in Facebook.

– When a video is uploaded to YouTube it is uploaded directly into your YouTube account.

– When a video is uploaded to MySpce – WHAT! Who uses MySpace!!



Friday Night Movie Night: Worms

YouTubeIt’s Friday Night Movie Night again so here’s some of the top iPhone videos from YouTube uploaded over the past week. Remember the game Worms? Well it’s coming to the iPhone. Here’s a nice lone 10 minute video of real gameplay:


If you’re like me, you use the iPhone’s Mail app all the time. But if you use Gmail you should take a look at using Safari. There’s been a lot of updates recently and Google is using HTML5 which makes the app really sweet. The video below shows you some of the features and how they look while in use.

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iFood Assistant – Recipes, Photos and Instructional Videos

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

iFood Assistant It’s hard at times to choose my favorite hobby. Technology or Food. Gadgets or Gourmet. iPhone or Chocolate Lava Cake. Well, with iFood Assistant, my two loves are merged into one $0.99 app. Ever since I purchased the iPhone, I’ve been on the lookout for a solid native app that would allow me to search recipes, save favorites in a recipe box, and create a shopping list or better yet, integrate with my lists on Remember the Milk. Unfortunately, the search continues (BigOven is the closest so far), even after this attempt from iFood Assistant.

With iFood Assistant, you can browse recipes, take suggestions for dinner, and view cooking videos. In addition, with a login to, you can add items to your shopping list from recipes, as well as store favorites into an online recipe box. If you have a particular idea of what you’re looking for, the search function is available, or you can just roll the dice with the Recipe of the Day. Under the “more” button is a settings menu as well as a grocery store locator. [Read more…]

PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone – No Jailbreaking Required

RingtoneSudio PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone is an application that allows you to create ringtones for your iPhone from a variety of multimedia files. You are able to create ringtones from sound affects, QuickTime videos, Mac friendly movie files and unprotected iTunes music files. One nice thing about PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone is that it is available to everyone with an iPhone…no jailbreaking required.

It is a program that you download to your computer, it creates ringtones and then you sync them to your iPhone via iTunes (see demo video and screenshots below). What is really nice about this application is [Read more…]

VideoPlayback 1.2

VideoPlaybackVideoPlayback is an application that will loop videos that are placed in the ~/Media/VideoPlayback folder on your iPhone. The first thing you will need to do after installing the application is SSH in and create a folder titled VideoPlayback in your ~Media folder on your iPhone. On 1.1.3 and above it will look like this – ~var/Mobile/Media/VideoPlayback. On 1.1.2 and below, it will look like this – ~var/root/Media/VideoPlayback. You can then drag video files into the VideoPlayback folder you created. Once you have videos added the folder, [Read more…]

Neverball Ported to the iPhone

Lazrhog, who also brought us NOIZ2SA, rRootage and iZoo, is in the early stages of porting Neverball to the iPhone. So, if the games he has already brought us aren’t cool enough, here is another one!! Using the accelerometer, the object of the game is to move the ball around the course collecting as many coins as possible. Check out the demo videos below.

Note: This app is not available yet…it is still in the early stages of development!

Watch “Neverball” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
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Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart – Preview

Here is a pretty cool game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is not available yet and there isn’t much information about it. But, it makes me think that 12 days seems like forever!!

Watch “Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Hands-On iPhone Training

It\'s About Time Products Do you know someone who hasn’t bought an iPhone because they think they will not understand how to use it or someone who has an iPhone and only uses a few of it’s features because they are afraid to do anything else? Well, there is good news for these folks! It’s About Time Products has created It’s About Time to Learn iPhone – a flash-based, interactive training product.

“When Saied, your instructor, shows you how to do something on iPhone, you can then instantly try it on the virtual iPhone that is built into the learning tool – an interactive experience unique to “It’s About Time Products.” From setting it up in iTunes, to using every iPhone application, to helpful tips and tricks – you can become an expert and use iPhone to its full potential. We think people [Read more…]