Hands-On iPhone Training

It\'s About Time Products Do you know someone who hasn’t bought an iPhone because they think they will not understand how to use it or someone who has an iPhone and only uses a few of it’s features because they are afraid to do anything else? Well, there is good news for these folks! It’s About Time Products has created It’s About Time to Learn iPhone – a flash-based, interactive training product.

“When Saied, your instructor, shows you how to do something on iPhone, you can then instantly try it on the virtual iPhone that is built into the learning tool – an interactive experience unique to “It’s About Time Products.” From setting it up in iTunes, to using every iPhone application, to helpful tips and tricks – you can become an expert and use iPhone to its full potential. We think people learn better by trying it out for themselves, not by reading a 300 page manual.”

It’s About Time to Learn iPhone works on Mac or PC’s and is available for $29.99 via their website. You can also download a free demo and try it out first. The Demo will give you a nice demo of what the product’s flash interface will be like and three example videos. The example videos are .FLV files.

Watch “It’s About Time to Learn iPhone” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. What ???
    learn to use an Apple’s product ??
    haha ..

  2. Da187suspect says

    This would be helpful to me if the video gives a step by step lesson on unlocking or a good tutorial on using Time Capsule, does anyone have any ideas if this is included?

  3. if they are clever enough to use a “flash-based, interactive training product”, then im pretty sure they can use a phone where every button has its own purpose and name… hmmm slide to unlock????? lol

  4. does anyone know how to get the setting icon back? I was in installer downloading something and when I went back to my home screen the icon was gone.