Neverball 1.4.1

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Neverball The update to version 1.4.1 of Neverball change the name of the application to NeverballME. BigBoss also mentioned that, “The main changes here are to update the data files used to allow for NeverPutt.” It does feel like the app plays a little smoother as well. You can get NeverballME though the BigBoss source.

Neverball 1.4.1

Neverball 1.2.1

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#Neverball The update to version 1.2.1 of Neverball makes a few changes to the Settings option. In the Settings there is still a Calibrate option however, it has changed slightly. You can now select one of two icons that will adjust how much your iPhone will be tilted when you play the game. Once you have chosen one of the two icons, you can then calibrate your iPhone. Just tilt your iPhone until the yellow boxes, on both the side and bottom of the screen, are in the middle of the red line then select Calibrate Centre. It will say that it has saved your Calibration. You also have the ability to choose between three sensitivities; Low, Medium and High. I found that the Setting with [Read more…]

Neverball 1.1

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neverball The update to Neverball 1.1 adds a very important new feature to the main menu; Settings. In the settings you can set the calibration of the app. This allows you to choose if you would like that application controls to be tipped forward or back and anywhere in between. All you do is tip your iPhone and when you have it where you want it, select Calibrate Center. This will change the angle at which the game is played. Then select back and go into the application. this makes the application sooooo much easier to play. I actually really enjoy this game now! The only other change I noticed was that when you are in a level, the goal doesn’t light up until you have collected enough coins. I think in the previous version it was lite up all the time. You can get Neverball through the BigBoss source.

Note: I couldn’t get screenshots of the new feature because you can not take screenshots of this application.

Neverball 1.0

Neverball We have had the demo version of Neverball for a few days now so I was excited to finally see it in the Installer! When you open the application, you will get a main menu with the options; Play, Replay and Help. The menu can be tricky to navigate but, you will get the hang of it after a few tries. If you select the Help option, you will get a screen explaining how to play Neverball. Some of the important points are that you can change the view of the game, while playing, by tapping in the Top Left for Chase View, Top Middle for Lazy View and Top Right for Manual View. You can also [Read more…]

Neverball Update

A little over a week ago, we wrote an article about Neverball and how Lazrhog was in the early stages of porting it to the iPhone. Well, the development has come a little further along and it seems the first release is getting closer. Below is an updated demo video…check it out!

Click HERE to watch Neverball on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Neverball Ported to the iPhone

Lazrhog, who also brought us NOIZ2SA, rRootage and iZoo, is in the early stages of porting Neverball to the iPhone. So, if the games he has already brought us aren’t cool enough, here is another one!! Using the accelerometer, the object of the game is to move the ball around the course collecting as many coins as possible. Check out the demo videos below.

Note: This app is not available yet…it is still in the early stages of development!

Watch “Neverball” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
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