Neverball 1.4.1

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Neverball The update to version 1.4.1 of Neverball change the name of the application to NeverballME. BigBoss also mentioned that, “The main changes here are to update the data files used to allow for NeverPutt.” It does feel like the app plays a little smoother as well. You can get NeverballME though the BigBoss source.

Neverball 1.4.1

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  1. I just updated to the newest version. But it flickers between the game and my wallpaper. I had no problems with the older version. I’m on 1.1.4. If anyone can help me I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    • The only changes are to smooth the frame rate and to enable the goals each level. If it flickers just uninstall and reinstall as the installation process has become quite complex. The addition of the neverputt data is what makes the upgrade worthwhile.

      Also if you have agile forces, then make sure you exit that fully, as it stays running in the background and causes flickering too.

      Try neverputt too, its great :)

    • I did reinstall it. It still flickers :(. This was one of my top games but I can’t play it anymore since the flickering takes a lot away from the experience. I barely play Agile Forces and it is off. Anyone else having the same problem and/or have a working solution?

  2. the update is 13 mb big, some bring so time with you, when you are updating.

  3. And the iPhone 2.0 versiĆ³n when?

  4. Hey Doug/Brooke, have you had a chance to play Neverputt yet ?

  5. Yeah, i am using a Iphone and software is corrupted, do any one help me in updating the software….:)