Neverball 1.2.1

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#Neverball The update to version 1.2.1 of Neverball makes a few changes to the Settings option. In the Settings there is still a Calibrate option however, it has changed slightly. You can now select one of two icons that will adjust how much your iPhone will be tilted when you play the game. Once you have chosen one of the two icons, you can then calibrate your iPhone. Just tilt your iPhone until the yellow boxes, on both the side and bottom of the screen, are in the middle of the red line then select Calibrate Centre. It will say that it has saved your Calibration. You also have the ability to choose between three sensitivities; Low, Medium and High. I found that the Setting with the iPhone tipped all the way back and then the lowest sensitivity plays the way that I like it best! You can get Neverball through the BigBoss source.

Neverball 1.2.1

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  1. William Shewfelt says

    they should have this is monkey ball

  2. anyone notice this but since i updated, i now have all the levels unlocked, so all i can say is YAY and that they are really hard.
    also, anyone know how/what the auto calibrate does/is?

    • auto calibrate uses the orientation setting (iPod flat or upright) that you have selected, and then recalibrates a centre position as to how you are holding the iPod/iPhone at the start of each level. This means that when each level starts, the ball should be stationary.

    • thats a brilliant setting, thank you

    • Hey lazrhog! Thanks for implementing this! Just out of curiosity, did you read my comment I posted in an earlier neverball thread? =P Or were you already planning on using the idea prior to my auto-calibrate suggestion?

    • Nope, it was your idea :)