Neverball 1.1

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neverball The update to Neverball 1.1 adds a very important new feature to the main menu; Settings. In the settings you can set the calibration of the app. This allows you to choose if you would like that application controls to be tipped forward or back and anywhere in between. All you do is tip your iPhone and when you have it where you want it, select Calibrate Center. This will change the angle at which the game is played. Then select back and go into the application. this makes the application sooooo much easier to play. I actually really enjoy this game now! The only other change I noticed was that when you are in a level, the goal doesn’t light up until you have collected enough coins. I think in the previous version it was lite up all the time. You can get Neverball through the BigBoss source.

Note: I couldn’t get screenshots of the new feature because you can not take screenshots of this application.

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  1. Greetings from the UK (Wales)

    I have already posted a couple of times and would just like to say that this is one of the best iPhone sites

    Would it be possible to post a short video of the app running when you post a new app review

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      I know this is not a new app (and that you have posted this before) but it would be nice to see the changes of the application

  2. This game is a big piece! I can’t hit any button, can’t start a game… it’s crap. Instant unistall…

  3. i can se the update on installer!!!!

  4. Macopoulos says

    It’s one of the best ports ever on the iPhone.. i know the game from Linux distro’s i’ve played like months.. not hours or days.. months.. i’m so happy i could scream.. but

    i’d like some sound, i know it’s difficult to port sdl libraries on the iPhone enviroment but, i think they are close.. i hope it stays “free” cause mainly it’s open sources isn’t it?

  5. actually mine did lite up when i collected enough coins…
    so it did work right in the last version

  6. Adriankenny says

    Yay finally they fixed calibration, now I can’t wait till 2.0 jailbreak is released!

  7. Hey isn’t Lazrhog porting this? Hey Lazrhog, hear me out on this one bro, in the calibration settings you should have an auto mode. That way if you reposition inbetween levels, you don’t accidently start rolling off the edge lol. So I think on auto, it could re-calibrate every time you start a new level just before it says, “GO!”
    btw… this is turning out to be amazing! thank you =]

  8. I tried Neverball and can’t get it to work. It just freezes on my iPhone. When I can get to the first level, I can’t control the ball. It just rolls right off no matter what I do.

  9. does anyone know where the saved game file is located so i can ssh in and back it up as i beat level 15 on easy (after many many many attempts, pathetic i know) and i would like to make sure that when i upgrade to 2.0 i dont have to go and beat all these levels again.

    • on 1.1.4 – previous versions may vary the directory path slightly – the directory is /private/var/mobile/Library/neverballApp. There are 3 files ending in HS that are the high score files.

    • thank you larzhog, great app keep it up