Neverball 1.0

Neverball We have had the demo version of Neverball for a few days now so I was excited to finally see it in the Installer! When you open the application, you will get a main menu with the options; Play, Replay and Help. The menu can be tricky to navigate but, you will get the hang of it after a few tries. If you select the Help option, you will get a screen explaining how to play Neverball. Some of the important points are that you can change the view of the game, while playing, by tapping in the Top Left for Chase View, Top Middle for Lazy View and Top Right for Manual View. You can also rotate the camera by tapping in the lower left or lower right of the iPhone screen. The Replay option will display a list of the replays you have saved. Just select the replay you would like to watch. When it is finished, you have the option to Keep or Delete the replay.

The Play option will bring you into the game where you can then choose Neverball Easy, Neverball Hard or Mehdi’s Levels. Each of these options will have a list of the available levels, Best Times and Most Coins. On the right, you can see a screenshot of each level by tapping on the level number. You can select a level by tapping on it again. Once you have won/lost, you will get a screen displaying the number of coins you received, your score, number of balls, Best Times and Most Coins. You also have the ability to go to the next level, retry that level and save a replay.

I will say that it takes a little bit of time and practice to get used to the controls on this game. I found that it can be difficult to change the views (Chase, Lazy, Manual) while in the game…it gets a little glitchy. Every 5th time you open the application, you will get a pop-up asking you to make a donation. You will need to select the Ok button in order to open the application again. If you select Not Today, it will close the app. Overall, Lazrhog has done an great job of porting this app! You can get Neverball through the BigBoss source.

Demo Video:

Watch “Neverball” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. I just finished downloading and installing neverball. The controls are very touchy. I could not find a way to hold the phone to keep the ball still. Also when the app first opens it flashes. Does anyone else get this. Other then that it looks like it has a lot of potential. I just think that the controls need to be reworked.

  2. Adriankenny says

    I dont know whats wrong with mine, I honestly have to tilt the iphone upside down to make the ball stop, for now im uninstalling.



  5. Guilherme says

    Accelerometer doesn’t play :(

  6. The ball moves way too fast, and I was hardly tilting the phone. In order to make the ball move slowly, the phone has to be literally upright, which is a bad angle to look at.
    Using caps and exaggerations like TL above isn’t appropriate, but I agree that the controls don’t work all that well. I’m sure monkeyball will be more precise and fun, but the game has potential! We must be patient and see the potential in these games.

  7. I believe monkey ball is held flat like labrynth so it should be better than this pos

    • Nope, if you watch the WWDC video on youtube, it is held the same way as this, monkeyball is just not as vertical, but then some people like Doug are complaining that “you have to tilt the iPhone too far forward.”. You can’t win …

  8. Steve Jobs says

    the controls on this are awful. you tilt it a little, bit and the ball goes crazy, and its extremely hard to stop. i left my ipod on a flat surface, and collected most of the coins itself and went to the finish point without me doing anything!! the ball is on steroids!!

  9. i cant find the game and i am sure i have the repo added ?

    • I can’t find the game either! What’s the problem? Do I have to delete the source and put it back in?

  10. wow. Does no-one have anything positive to say. I could have easily tweaked the controls in the next version, but to get this kind of response is ridiculous…

    • i agree! come on guys, this is a FREE app! please give constructive criticisms!

    • tonyc311 says

      I have to say that the controls need some work. Its awesome that you were able to port this to the iPhone in its current state. Graphics are nice and everything moves smoothly. My 2 gripes are that when I open Neverball the screen briefly flashes. And the actual in game controls are very jerky. As with Labrynth or Amaze is it possible to add an accellerometer setting option. This way we can set the phone’s accellerometer before we play the game? That would be a big help. Because as of right now the only way for me to actually move the ball in any stable way is to hold my phone up to my face level. That’s a bit awkward. Great port though. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. For a first run public release I say kudos. You did good! :D

    • May I just say something here. If you could have easily tweaked the controls, than why didn’t you? I saw on iptf that someone had tested it for you, so hadn’t they told youthat the controls weren’t right?Btw, if you get the controls right, then this app will be perfect!!

    • no, no-one that tested the game commented on the controls. Its a balance of when to stop tweaking a game and release it. I have no problem with the controls as they feel fine to me, but can appreciate that not everyone might feel the same. I just don’t appreciate some of the attitudes that people are portraying.

    • Thank god! I really thought the accelorometer on my phone was broken, controls need to be tweaked to give better control of the ball just like labrinth, equally so, some attitudes need some tweaking also. I’m very grateful to the dev for this app, it looks great and with a little more work it will really be something special, please keep up the good work and thanks again.

    • actually… one can master the control and i don’t think there is anything wrong with it! thanks lazrhog!

    • Indio rogado q hace juegos fresas para el iphone Wuu! Lazrhog es pija de loco Wuuu es la mera pija el iphone wuuuu!!!

  11. Markisha says

    Awesome game!!!
    I think I’m getting used to those controls, still hard but getting the hang of it!
    I really hope it lives, it’ one of the best games!

  12. Aside from the controls, which really should just take a simple calibration on a flat surface, I think this is pretty amazing and we are taking homebrew apps for granted here!

    Remember how amazing we though Labyrinth was when it first appeared? Well this is exactly the same except now its full 3D! Really shows off what the iPhone can do.

    Brilliant work Lazrhog. I love your choice of ports, they all look very professionally done.

    • thanks. Remember though that you only get 2 axes of rotation on the accelerometers. if the device is flat, the third measures acceleration, not tilt, so you would have to twist left and right to get the ball to move (hard to explain i words – but think what the labyrinth controls are like, and having to use those axes to control this). I plumped for the slightly tilted away from you position, and the rotation of the device to get the roll left and right.

      I can easily add both control mechanisms, and some calibration in the next release, assuming people don’t become like ‘TL’ who posted above.

  13. Great work, don’t let the other idiots get you down, a simple control tweak and you’ll have made one of the best games available on installer. (probably the best available for free)

    Keep up the great work :)

  14. the game looks great , grafics r nice , smooth , the only thing that needs to be fixed is the controls i guess because i can play it only if i am laying on the bed , would be nice the level to be horizontal not vertical or to have an option and to be a little less sensetive

  15. Awesome Game,
    I can’t understand why you have problems with the controls??? They work quite well. You have to think 3D, thats all. And it’s more comfortable to play vertical than horizontal.

  16. Markisha says

    After playing this game for a while I have to say BRILLIANT!
    Awesome game! Thank you so much lazrhog!!!
    I totally got used to controls, and I have to say there is nothing wrong with them! You just have to find the angle of holding your iPhone from the beginning and a little getting used to 3D and thats it!
    I hope nothing changes here, it’s much better holding the iPhone this way than horizontal, better gameplay and becouse of the 3d!
    I would donate right away for this game and especialy for the reaseons you stated above for whot you need the money for, but i can’t use paypal in my country, so if there is another way tell me and i’ll do it!!!
    Thank you!

  17. mindxpert says

    Great game , i couldnt find this on modmyifone source so i searched on bigboss and found it. I think it has been moved. Thank you for the game and thanks for the review

  18. Wuuuu!! El iphone es la mera pija Wuuu!! Maldito tiio steve Wuuuuu!!!

  19. really GREAT game indeed. i find the best angle for me for a good speed/pace would be 60degrees holding the lcd face up towards your face. then switching the camera mode to manual.

    thanks Lazrhog for this awesome awesome game. it is super enjoyable as it is. from here onwards it can only get even more phenomenal.

  20. Loved the video, but after downloading the controls just were impossible. I appreciate it, and if one can get the controls down, congrats, but I don’t seem to be able to no matter what I try. I’m just gonna wait two more days for Super Monkey Ball. Thanks anyway, and good luck!


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