Neverball Update

A little over a week ago, we wrote an article about Neverball and how Lazrhog was in the early stages of porting it to the iPhone. Well, the development has come a little further along and it seems the first release is getting closer. Below is an updated demo video…check it out!

Click HERE to watch Neverball on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Yay!

  2. steve anderson says

    a monkey ball rip off

  3. Yes. Reminds me of Super Monkey Ball, too

  4. This is a port of a game called Neverball and will be available via the Installer not the App Store.

  5. alex_dlc says

    wish this was on installer too, or something similar, cubicman is getting boring. i also wanted to ask, how come your iphone 3g coundown says something different to the other countdowns? i downloaded like 4 widgets and they all say somethign different

  6. It may be like monkeyball….but still looks great,….I can’t wait

  7. Who in the world could complain about this? It looks so awesome! Super monkey ball is probably going to cost quite a bit, and even if you buy super monkey ball, why wouldn’t you want this game for more levels?

  8. this game will have about 70 levels at launch and will be free on installer compared to monkey ball costing 10 bucks and 100 levels. Extra levels can be created for this by anyone for free.

  9. Looking good Lazrhog. Its a bummer this won’t be released via appstore but at least its great for all those sticking to jailbreaking. If appstore and jailbreaking start working side by side, this will definitely be on of my favorite apps.

  10. This question is not related with this post, but I would like to know, if the apps, which are working with fw 1.1.4 (or 1.1.3) would work with the new firmware (2.0)?

    • No they don’t, thats why I am saving up for a Mac – because you need the SDK to build apps for 2.0, whether they be for installer or not.

  11. Matthew David says

    This looks great! Will it be on the AppStore?

    Matt David