YouTube Mobile Redesign

YouTube has updated their mobile webpage for the iPhone & iPod touch. The new layout is much cleaner and issuing HTML 5 technology. Updates include speed, larger buttons, search suggestions, ability to create playlists, ability to favorite & like. Here’s a video demo and some screenshots. [Read more…]


If you’re like me, you use the iPhone’s Mail app all the time. But if you use Gmail you should take a look at using Safari. There’s been a lot of updates recently and Google is using HTML5 which makes the app really sweet. The video below shows you some of the features and how they look while in use.

[Read more…] now iPhone and iPod Touch Friendly

FriendFeed.comIf you visit from an iPhone or iPod Touch you will now get a nice optimized site. You can still see the full version from a link at the bottom of the page.

FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends.

FriendFeed is pretty kewl and I’ll probably use it more now that there is an iPhone version. There are people beginning to abandon Twitter for FriendFeed [Read more…]

NearbyNow iPhone Web App for Navigating Shopping Centers

Now this is what I am talking about!! This is a perfect example of the ability of the iPhone. This video is a demonstration of a web app that interacts with it’s environment. Here is a brief discription of the application.

“NearbyNow provides a sneak preview of their new Web Application optimized for the Apple iPhoneâ„¢ allowing shoppers to graphically navigate a shopping center, search mall store inventory, list available sales, and even find the closest restroom.”

Could you imagine if all places of business had an interactive application like this. The possibilities are endless!

Note: This application will not be available until June 2008.

Watch “NearbyNow” on your iPhone/iPod Touch.