NearbyNow iPhone Web App for Navigating Shopping Centers

Now this is what I am talking about!! This is a perfect example of the ability of the iPhone. This video is a demonstration of a web app that interacts with it’s environment. Here is a brief discription of the application.

“NearbyNow provides a sneak preview of their new Web Application optimized for the Apple iPhoneâ„¢ allowing shoppers to graphically navigate a shopping center, search mall store inventory, list available sales, and even find the closest restroom.”

Could you imagine if all places of business had an interactive application like this. The possibilities are endless!

Note: This application will not be available until June 2008.

Watch “NearbyNow” on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

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  1. SaladFork says

    This looks absolutely revolutionary, can’t wait. Brooke, any idea if the features it provides will only be available for select malls?

    • I know it is based on the website I’m not sure if they are just going to make the website compatible with the iPhone or if it is going to be a totally different site. If they are just going to make that website more iPhone friendly you could go check to see if there is a mall around you in the list. I did a quick search in “Find Local Stores” and it included a mall near me (my favorite mall actually)!!

  2. wow Brooke this is amazing the next step I guess after this will be ordering food threw your phone ,say at the mall

  3. is there a BETA version for this application?