Lose It! – Meal & Nutrition Tracking

I’ve recently started working on what I eat and have decided to go with a Keto diet. You can learn more about it on Google but it’s basically eating meat and vegetables and not eating sugar and carbs. When doing any kind of diet that tracks calories, carbs, protein or anything else you need, I always recommend Lose It! It’s been around for a long time and I really like it’s huge database of foods. Nearly everything I’ve scanned in is already in the database. Sometime I tweak it a little to my style of measuring but it works so well. [Read more…]

TasteTimer – Food Preparation Guide

Available In: App Store       Price: $3.99  

TasteTimer TasteTimer is a simple application that allows you to quickly view the amount of time for tea, coffee, and food preparation.

The app includes 19 categories of food ranging from tea to eggs to vegetables to poultry. Each category includes specific types of preparation. For example if you chose the Eggs category you would then see the option for Hard Cooked, Sunny Side Up, Poached, Frittata… etc. Once a specific type of preparation has been selected you are given details about the preparation including; the temperature, the quantity of food and the cook time. There is also the ability to set a timer as well as adjust the timer and choose from 22 timer sounds. [Read more…]

Starbucks Official Application Hits the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Starbucks has finally released an official application titled myStarbucks! The app’s features include;

• Store Locator: Display the closest stores, directions, store hours and amenities—find stores with a drive through, oven warmed food, and more!
• Drink Builder: Create and share your perfect Starbucks® beverages
• Food Menu: Browse the menu and see detailed nutritional info and ingredients
• Coffee Menu: Explore every Starbucks® whole bean coffee
• myStarbucks: Save all of your favorites for quick recall and sharing
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Chipotle Releases App in App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Chipotle Yesterday, Chipotle’s official application hit the App Store – Chipotle Ordering. I don’t know about you guys but, I seriously love Chipotle! Like seriously. So as you can imagine, I was totally stoked about the new app. The app allows you to find the nearest Chipotle restaurant, view the menu, learn more about Chipotle (and their quest to serve fresh, natural, organic products. YAY!) and pre-order your meal.

The interface is lovely and self explanatory. It is extremely easy to create your order exactly how you would like it… you are able to choose the exact toppings, sides and drinks you would like with your order. After you have selected everything you would like, it gives you a nice breakdown of what it will cost. I also love that you can create Favorites for quick ordering. [Read more…]

iFood Assistant – Recipes, Photos and Instructional Videos

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

iFood Assistant It’s hard at times to choose my favorite hobby. Technology or Food. Gadgets or Gourmet. iPhone or Chocolate Lava Cake. Well, with iFood Assistant, my two loves are merged into one $0.99 app. Ever since I purchased the iPhone, I’ve been on the lookout for a solid native app that would allow me to search recipes, save favorites in a recipe box, and create a shopping list or better yet, integrate with my lists on Remember the Milk. Unfortunately, the search continues (BigOven is the closest so far), even after this attempt from iFood Assistant.

With iFood Assistant, you can browse recipes, take suggestions for dinner, and view cooking videos. In addition, with a login to kraftfoods.com, you can add items to your shopping list from recipes, as well as store favorites into an online recipe box. If you have a particular idea of what you’re looking for, the search function is available, or you can just roll the dice with the Recipe of the Day. Under the “more” button is a settings menu as well as a grocery store locator. [Read more…]


OpenSourceFood OpenSourceFood.com is a website in which you can view and search recipes. It is nicely optimized for the iPhone making it a great way to quickly look up recipes. “Amazing Recipes. Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created and rated by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world.” They are exactly right on this…the recipes and the photography are very good! When you go to OpenSourceFood.com on your iPhone, you will get a list of 20 Recently Popular Recipes. When you select a recipe, you will be able to see who the recipe was submitted by, a list of the ingredients needed and instructions on how to make the recipe. You can also choose to view all the recipes by the person who submitted the current recipe by selecting View All Recipes by. The bests feature of the iPhone optimized version of the site is [Read more…]