OpenSourceFood is a website in which you can view and search recipes. It is nicely optimized for the iPhone making it a great way to quickly look up recipes. “Amazing Recipes. Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created and rated by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world.” They are exactly right on this…the recipes and the photography are very good! When you go to on your iPhone, you will get a list of 20 Recently Popular Recipes. When you select a recipe, you will be able to see who the recipe was submitted by, a list of the ingredients needed and instructions on how to make the recipe. You can also choose to view all the recipes by the person who submitted the current recipe by selecting View All Recipes by. The bests feature of the iPhone optimized version of the site is the Search. You can search by any keyword and it will bring up recipes that contain that word in the title. The only downfall is that is seems to only bring up 20 results and there is no way to view more. It would be nice if there was a “more results” option at the end of the list.

Though I like the iPhone optimized version of the website for quickly looking up recipes…it does lack quite a few features of the full site. On the full site you are able to view recent comments, you can Browse the recipes, view the All Time Best recipes, view comments on the recipes, search the recipes by tags, search though the people who are register on and choose to only see results that are submitted by a “pro.” I would love to see some of these options available on the iPhone optimized version of the site via tabs. However, even though the iPhone version of the site does lack some options, I still use it as an quick and easy way to look up new recipes…which I love to do!! Check it out and let me know what you think. Below are some screenshots and a few photos from the website.

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  1. Very cool Brooke! I like how its pretty fast on edge (that’s an oxymoron though, “Fast Edge”)

  2. Haha yea!
    Brooke, if at all possible, could you review AppleTap?
    It’s on the ModMyiFone source.
    Thanks a bunch!

  3. that qhat i like….

    i m already preparing….