TasteTimer – Food Preparation Guide

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TasteTimer TasteTimer is a simple application that allows you to quickly view the amount of time for tea, coffee, and food preparation.

The app includes 19 categories of food ranging from tea to eggs to vegetables to poultry. Each category includes specific types of preparation. For example if you chose the Eggs category you would then see the option for Hard Cooked, Sunny Side Up, Poached, Frittata… etc. Once a specific type of preparation has been selected you are given details about the preparation including; the temperature, the quantity of food and the cook time. There is also the ability to set a timer as well as adjust the timer and choose from 22 timer sounds.

The app does allow you to edit the current preparation styles and add your own style of preparation into each category. Which is a nice feature. You can also favorite specific preparation styles which moves them to the top of the list allowing for quicker viewing in the future.

Overall, a very handy application that will make correctly preparing tea, coffee and food a snap. An app I will be keeping around.



Demo Video:

App Store Description:

Use TasteTimer to quickly look up over 300 different timer settings for simple tea, coffee, and food preparation using your iPod Touch or iPhone. Don’t remember how long to cook your steak? Boil eggs? Steep tea? TasteTimer has the answer!

Temperature, measurement, suggested time, notes. See basic preparation information on your iPod Touch or iPhone and start timing.

Timer Categories (quantity)

– Black Tea (19)
– Botanical (20)
– Chai (5)
– Coffee (6)
– Eggs (14)
– Fruit (12)
– Grain (16)
– Green Tea (34)
– Hot Chocolate (2)
– Legume (19)
– Meat (35)
– Oolong Tea (10)
– Poultry (10)
– Pu-erh Tea (9)
– Rooibos (11)
– Seafood (44)
– Vegetable (31)
– White Tea (16)
– Yerba Maté (4)


– Choose a timer item from a category
– View basic preparation instructions (English and Metric)
– Start/Stop timer
– Choose exact time for timer item, remembered for next use
– Choose from 22 sounds to play when timer finishes
– Change default sound or sound per timer item
– Edit existing and Add new timer items
– Tap star to mark timer item as favorite
– Favorite items and categories with favorites at top of lists

Watch the DEMO VIDEO on our website!

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Note to First Generation iPod Touch users:
The individual sounds can not be played through the built in speaker, but will play through any connected audio device such as headphones or speakers. iPod Touch will still beep on built in speaker when timer is finished.

NOTE: While Gormaya attempts to provide accurate timer settings, we cannot guarantee that these settings are appropriate for you. All timer settings may be modified.

NOTE: If TasteTimer quits while a timer is active, the timer will re-activate when TasteTimer has been re-started. TasteTimer can not run in the background. No alarm will be heard if TasteTimer is not running. Any purchased timer App has the same limitation.

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  1. sorry if it sounds rude but such a useless app.

    • I would say useless is a relative term… I have found that with most apps, some people think they are awesome while others have no interest in them. I think that is the part of the beauty of the App Store… there’s an app for everyone!

  2. good point im whit Brooke 97,000+ apps

  3. New version 1.1 of TasteTimer, video at http://tastetimer.com