TwitVid Update

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

TwitVid TwitVid, an application that allows iPhone 3GS users to tweet videos, had it’s first update today. You will not see any visual changes to the application until firmware 3.1 is released. Once the 3.1 firmware is released, you will be able to see My Videos, Top Videos, and Control Video Quality. I do think it is a little weird to have any update with features for a firmware that is not even available yet but, you know Apple. Below is a full list of features… including the ones that affect the current version of firmware. [Read more…]

TwitVid Giving Away iPhone 3GS

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

TwitVid TwitVid, an application that allows you to post videos in your tweets (as well as to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube), is giving away an iPhone 3GS. To enter, all you need to do is add a #twitvidcom in your tweet. To see if you have won, follow @twitvidcom. [Read more…]

TwitVid Update – Upload Videos to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube

Available In: App Store       Price: Free   

TwitVid TwitVid recently updated their website/app adding the ability to upload your videos to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. To turn the features on, you you will need to go to their website, login and choose where you would like the videos to upload.

The next time you post a video to Twitter using TwitVid, it will also add the video to the other places you have chosen. You do not have the choice to post one video to just Twitter and another to both Twitter and Facebook. Once you turn on the Facebook (or YouTube or MySpace) option on the website, it will automatically upload all the videos you post on Twitter to the other places. In order to not upload a video to a certain place, you would have to go back onto the website and remove that option.

Things to note:
– When a video is uploaded to Facebook it adds the video to your “wall” however, it does not add it to the actual Video app in Facebook.

– When a video is uploaded to YouTube it is uploaded directly into your YouTube account.

– When a video is uploaded to MySpce – WHAT! Who uses MySpace!!



TwitVid – Post Video Taken From Your iPhone To Twitter

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

TwitVidI am REALLY excited about this app. First of all, it’s free, but I’d pay for this app in a heartbeat. Very very well done. Ok, let’s get on with it. TwitVid lets you post your videos taken by your iPhone 3GS to your Twitter account. Just install the app, login, either record a new video or chose an exciting one, add your tweet and you’re done! It creates a nice short URL for your tweet like this and adds it to the end:

The website it takes you too is very nice. It uses your background for your Twitter account and has extra features like live chat embedded in the sidebar. You can also embed this video somewhere else, chat too. The quality is very good and upload speeds on wifi were great. We’ll test more to see how EDGE and 3G workout. Another nice thing is viewers start to stream the video as you’re uploading it. So even if you’re not done uploading, they can see the beginning and it buffers as you upload. [Read more…]