TwitVid Update

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TwitVid TwitVid, an application that allows iPhone 3GS users to tweet videos, had it’s first update today. You will not see any visual changes to the application until firmware 3.1 is released. Once the 3.1 firmware is released, you will be able to see My Videos, Top Videos, and Control Video Quality. I do think it is a little weird to have any update with features for a firmware that is not even available yet but, you know Apple. Below is a full list of features… including the ones that affect the current version of firmware.

1.1 Change Log:
. Videos will continue to upload if you lock your phone
. Faster authentication
. More robust uploads over 3G/Edge

New Stuff for iPhone OS 3.1
. You can see My Videos, Top Videos, and Control Video Quality



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  1. I have noticed that a lot of programs have updated to 3.1.

    I believe that we are two weeks away from 3.1 update in Itunes. Warning do not update to 3.1 if you have a jailbroken phone. Wait for the de-team software before updating as early updates may prevent your Iphone from ever being jailbroken again.