TwitVid – Post Video Taken From Your iPhone To Twitter

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TwitVidI am REALLY excited about this app. First of all, it’s free, but I’d pay for this app in a heartbeat. Very very well done. Ok, let’s get on with it. TwitVid lets you post your videos taken by your iPhone 3GS to your Twitter account. Just install the app, login, either record a new video or chose an exciting one, add your tweet and you’re done! It creates a nice short URL for your tweet like this and adds it to the end:

The website it takes you too is very nice. It uses your background for your Twitter account and has extra features like live chat embedded in the sidebar. You can also embed this video somewhere else, chat too. The quality is very good and upload speeds on wifi were great. We’ll test more to see how EDGE and 3G workout. Another nice thing is viewers start to stream the video as you’re uploading it. So even if you’re not done uploading, they can see the beginning and it buffers as you upload.

Speaking of them seeing the video, if your on an iPhone, the video will play back right inside of apps like Tweetie, Twitteriffic and TweetDeck! It doesn’t take you to the full site or even a mobile site. It just plays the full thing, full screen! AWESOME!


Example Video

Embedded Chat


Big thanks to Jonathan Litten who tipped us off to this great app today. Send your tips to

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  1. Noticed when you were testing it that if you had the Safari Download Plugin you had to choose either downlod or play in media player… even within tweetie…

  2. doesn’t twittilator do this already?

    • MaverickC17 says

      Twittelator Pro is good but the video quality to yfrog is not as good as TwitVid. I like how TwitVid shows you a status bar of your upload also. Twittelator Pro does not show you this.

    • Oh really? Is that so… I guess I’m gonna have to checkout this app now, cause I didn’t think anything of this app until your post. Thanks!

  3. This app looks sweet. Going to download it now :)

  4. I wonder if it’s possible to get this to work with Cycorder? Since I dont have a 3GS :(

    • I’m guessing it will be possible fairly soon. If not from the developer of TwitVid directly, perhaps from the developer of PPVideoEnabler (PixelPipeVideoEnabler). Hopefully someone will step up to the plate for the 3G JB crowd!

  5. iLove my iPhone says

    can you guys do a review of volume boost 3.0 just released in cydia. i remember hearing reports of issue with it / it not working back in the 1.x days and i was wondering if anyone has tried it