Friday Favs – This Week’s Favorite Hacks and Mods

Hi! Welcome to Friday Favs… this is where I will talk about some of my favorite mods and hacks from the week. Since the Evasi0n jailbreak was just released on Monday, this post is going to be primarily made up of the must-have mods and hacks I install as soon as I jailbreak my iDevice (in this case my iPhone). [Read more…]

Infinifolders, Add Unlimited Apps to Folders, Updated

Infinifolders, one of my absolute “must-have” hacks that allows the ability to add unlimited apps into a folder, has been updated to version 1.3-1. There isn’t an official change log but I’m guessing it has to do with compatibility for iOS 4.2.1 or maybe it adds the much awaited iPad support (which I can’t test because Doug has taken the iPad hostage!)! If you haven’t checked out this app yet… it’s worth a look and worth the $1.99 price tag. You can get Infinifolders via the BigBoss source.
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Infinifolders – Unlimited Apps in iOS 4 Folders (more than 12 apps)

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

InfinifoldersThis is a major reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch if you haven’t already. Apple made a sweet move by adding the ability to add folders full of icons calling the feature ‘folders‘. Of course they probably just copied the jailbreak hack called ‘categories’. Anyway, I’ll admit that Apple’s implimentation is better and the GUI is beautiful. The major downfall to the feature is the limit of apps you can fit in a folder, just 12.

Well, what if I have 20 ‘Kids Games’ or 30 ‘News’ apps? With Infinifolders you can now have them all in one folder. And this is the stock folders from Apple. Now you can scroll down past the 12 app limit. Here’s a video fo what it looks like. [Read more…]