i101 – Episode 21

Show Notes

iPad at Target & China
Nationwide wifi – http://www.slashgear.com/super-wifi-in-the-works-devices-could-ship-by-next-year-13101944/
HDR on iPhone 3G & 3GS – in Cydia as HDR Camera Enabler
Install duplicate apps – http://www.brianminor.com/2009/11/12/installing-the-same-app-twice-on-the-iphone/
iPad star trek sounds (Cydia)

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  1. You mentioned a wifi extender that would be “possibly” for sale in the future, when they actually sell them now lol. My father brought one home from work to test out and the thing is insane… I was able to get wifi from my house down the street (we live in the woods so for it to work that far is impressive). My father works for a ski company which uses them to provide Wifi on the mountain to people that skii and snowboard with iPod/iPhones that wanna listen to internet radio stations. Cool how far we’ve come, eh? lol.

    Link: http://www.ubnt.com/nanostation

    • I’m not talking about current options. I’m talking about the government allowing other frequencies to be used for wifi which would allow signal to reach miles.

  2. Hey guys. It would be cool if you placed some information regarding the subject of the cast in the header. In google reader all I see is the video and I have to watch it to see what it is about. Usually I do not have time and I might save it for later if I knew what it was about. Just a suggestion.