PhotoProtect – Prevent Photos from Being Deleted

PhotoProtect is a cool little hack that allows the ability to keep the photos and/or videos in your Camera Roll from being deleted. This is a great way to prevent kids from accidentally deleting your photos! Once installed, the hack is automatically activated. If you go into the Camera Roll and select the trash button you will get a pop-up that says, “Don’t delete my photos! It’s a trap!” When you select OK, it will do nothing. The photo will not be deleted and will stay in the Camera Roll.

PhotoProtect does have a few settings (located in the stock Settings app) including the ability to turn the hack on/off (turning the hack off will allow you to delete photos again) and the ability to type what you would like the pop-up and button to say when trying to delete a photo.

Note: I did have one instance when I had the hack turned on and it still deleted my photo. I went and turned the hack off and then back on again and it worked fine after that.

Other than that one glitch, the app seems to work like it should. You can get PhotoProtect via the BigBoss source.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  


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  1. I love how the whole concept of this tweak relies on the fact that the user does not know how to use a Jailbroken iPhone rofl.

  2. Kathryn Toomey says

    Exactly , how dumb to support an app where the phone needs to be jail broken, TFT