4th Generation (4G) iPhone Found [pictures/video]

AppleSomeone is so getting fired… Ok, I’m going to sum this up real quick and get to the points. Someone found an iPhone in a bar. Turns out it’s a test model. Based on a lot of info, it seems to be the next iPhone.


New design
Higher resolution screen
Front facing camera
Second microphone (noise cancellation)
Micro sim card
Bigger battery
Camera Flash
Bigger Camera (not sure of resolution yet)

Gizmodo got a hold of it and has lots of pictures and video. And here they are:


[nggallery id=77]


Here is the original post from Gizmodo.

iPhone Firmware 4.0 Event Preview This Thursday!

AppleApple will be holding an event this Thursday, April 8th at 10:00am PT to show off the new 4.0 Firmware. One of the biggest features rumored to be announced is the ability to run applications in the background simultaneously. Additionally rumored is that hitting the home button twice will bring up an Exposé like view of the apps currently running. Instead of showing screenshots of current apps, it would show the icon of the apps. This would be one of the main features that competitor devices like Androids and the Palm Pre have. Of course, if you’re jailbroken, you can already do this with Backgrounder.

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More iPad App Previews

App StoreI’ve found even more great apps custom designed for the iPad. These are apps I plan on installing or would recommend for your new iPad. This time I’ve added links directly to the App Store so if you’re on your iPad, you can just click to bring you right to the app. unfortunately I haven’t found a nice button for the iPad App Store yet so you’ll have to use the iPhone one for now :(

Things ($19.99)

This is the task management app I use on my iPhone and my Mac. Now, having it for my iPad I will be able to stop carrying around a clipboard. I mostly just use the iPhone app for adding tasks when I’m mobile because there’s just not enough screen size to see the full task name. A recent update to the iPhone app did allow for landscape view which helped.


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HTML Edit ($6.99)

I’ve never used this before on my iPhone but it looks pretty useful. It lets you login to your webpages and connect to them via FTP. Then you can download the page’s HTML and edit it. Then upload it back up to your server.


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iPad Apps Now In App Store!

App StoreThe App Store has officially opened up to iPad apps. I’ve heard there are over 1,000 already! I’ve been browsing through them and found some great ones already. I am blown away by developers creativity and can’t wait to see even more apps that are still in development. Here’s some shots of the ones I’m looking to get once I get my iPad. Btw, I am getting one but I’m waiting for the 3G version. It’s estimated to be released about 30 days after the iPad launch which is April 3rd.

BBC News (Free)

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1Password ($6.99)

[nggallery id=53]
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Untethered Jailbreak Preview for iPod Touch, 3GS & Maybe iPad

GeoHotGeoHot has done it again. In the video below, GeoHot shows an untethered iPod touch with a background image on the homescreen. He also holds down the home button to activate voice command to show that it’s newer firmware. Next he reboots the device showing that the jailbreak remains. Since he says on his blog that it will “probably” work on the iPad too, he will probably wait to release it when the iPad comes out so Apple can’t make a fix for it before it’s released.

The jailbreak is all software based, and is as simple to use as blackra1n. It is completely untethered, works on all current tethered models(ipt2, 3gs, ipt3), and will probably work on iPad too.

Don’t ask about a release date. You won’t make it happen any sooner.


DIGG iPhone App Due Out Tomorrow (UPDATED)

diggWe posted about this some time ago when Kevin Rose leaked a little info in a video podcast back in October of last year. Now there is solid info about the app and a release date, tomorrow, March 24th! Once the app is live, we’ll get a link up here. For now, here’s some screenshots:

Download Link Now Available:


Opera Has Submitted Browser to the App Store, Now We Wait… (UPDATED)

OperaOpera has submitted their super fast browser to the App Store and now all we can do is wait. Apple has always said no third party browsers on the iPhone so most predictions are that Opera will be denied. Opera is pretty confident that they will not be rejected so only time will tell. The app is pretty fast, as proven in the video below. The way it works is the browser requests the webpage, Opera’s servers actually download it and then compress it for mobile viewing and then send it to your iPhone. This is how their browser works on other devices and from my experience, which was my phone before my first iPhone, was very positive. Once the app is released we’ll do a full review. Watch for a tweet with the direct link to download once it’s available.


*UPDATE – Found another video*

Tweetie 2 Coming Soon!

Coming Soon: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Tweetieatebits has announced lots of info about the soon to be released Tweetie 2. This will be a free upgrade for the Mac version but for the iPhone, you will need to buy it as a seprate app at $2.99. The original Tweetie is really nice but I’m kinda torn on the idea of making the app cost $2.99 again. As much as I use it, and as many upgrades that there are, I personally think it’s worth it. I have multiple Twitter accounts (in the double digits) and love all the current features. For light to normal users, I could see people being upset for having to pay all over again for the app. Wait until you see these screenshots and list of updates and then you might be willing to pay :) Also note, the developer has “dropped everything and devoted every working minute since to Tweetie.”

– Buy as new app for $2.99
– push notifications per user
– faster, slimmer, and much more powerful
– will be submitted to Apple this week and from there… well, you know the drill.
– built from the ground up
– takes advantage of iPhone OS 3.0, 3GS, and new Twitter APIs
– OS 3.0+ only
– video recording (of course you can video tweet)
– UISearchDisplayController so you live-filter your tweet stream, just like Mail
– not just caching tweets for offline reading, but remembering where you are in the app
– offline mode allows you to favorite, follow, block, add to Instapaper and more all while offline, syncs when reconnected (great for the iPod touch)
– drafts manager for tweets and DMs
– link up Twitter users to contacts in your iPhone Address Book
– Threaded conversations
– tab bar notifications
– “Nearby” revamped to take advantage of MapKit
– supports the new geotagging metadata coming soon from Twitter
– Saved searches now sync with Twitter.com and the upcoming Tweetie 2 for Mac
– interacts with Favstar.fm, Tweet Blocker, and Follow cost
– @people picker
– recent hashtags
– multiple attachments manager
– “peek” gesture when replying to a tweet
– full landscape support (configurable, of course)
– edit your Twitter profile
– custom API roots on a per-account basis
– vastly improved gesture shortcuts
– in-app rich-text email
– new-style retweet support
– refresh-all on launch
– TextExpander
– Read it Later integration (in addition to Instapaper)
– autocomplete recent searches
– autocomplete go-to-user
– improved avatar caching
– inline Twitlonger
– reply chain list view
– preview short urls
– tweet translation
– block+follow from multiple accounts at once

Read the full blog post from the developer.
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Video Demos of Facebook 3.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Facebook While we wait for version 3.0 of the Facebook application to be approved by Apple, the developer has been kind enough to give us a few preview/demo videos. Below are three videos from the developer that show specific features of the app and a nice overview video of the app (not from the developer). [Read more…]

Friday Night Movie Night: Snood

YouTubeI loved this game! Snood! Who else remembers this game? I’ve always thought it would make an awesome iPhone app. So far it’s just a preview. No info on a release date.

Star Defense – Coming Soon to the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Available in May  

Star DefenseThe developer’s of Topple, Topple 2, Rolando and Dropship bring you Star Defense. I have actually been receiving info about ngmoco’s Star Defense for a while now however, it seems that the application is going to be showing up in the App Store some time this month so I thought it would be a good time to pass it along.

Star Defense is a tower defense game…it reminds me of games like Fieldrunners, Defend Your Castle and TapDefense. Like those applications, the object is to defend yourself against the on-coming enemy. We do not have a ton of info about the app but it does seem like you are able to buy/upgrade your defenses similar to other tower defense games. However, it also seems like you will be able to play against your friend’s via Twitter and Facebook. [Read more…]

iTunnel 3D Preview

App Store: Coming Soon       Price: ??  

iTunnel 3DOk, so I posted on Twitter last night about a really sweet app that I said may be right up there with my favorite game, Fieldrunners. It’s nothing like it, but it’s fun, addicting, good graphics and even better, it’s customizable. The best way to explain it is to show you a video. So here’s a video from the developer. [Read more…]

Slingbox for the iPhone Preview

Coming Soon: App Store       Price: $30.00  

Sling MediaChris Pirillo recently got a sneak peak of the Slingbox player for the iPhone. It looks pretty sweet. If you have a slingbox you can then watch live T.V. on your iPhone over the internet or cellular for $30. Ouch! Here’s the a video demo:

Watch Slingbox for the iPhone on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Lights Off Development Finished, Coming to App Store Soon

Coming Soon: App Store       Price: Unknown  

Lights OffThe developer has announced he is finished with the development of Lights Off and it should be in the App Store very soon. He’s launched a website (www.lightsoffapp.com) to promote the app and there’s even an iPhone version of the site. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as it is out!

Lights off is a strategy game that was one of the first games ever in the jailbreak community. The object of this game is to get all of the lights to go off. When you click on a box it affects the four boxes around it. When you get all the lights to go off, or “win,” it takes you to the next stage. See our original review of Lights Off for more info.


Update: You should also check out this post from the current developer of Lights Off about how he took over the development for Lights Off for the App Store after the original developer was hired by Apple.

Twinkle 1.2 Preview

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

TwinkleA quick preview of Twinkle 1.2 reveals new tapable @ replies, blocking, and prettier image attachment UI. Twinkle is a Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here’s a screenshot:

Click here to download Twinkle via the App Store.