LightsOffDeveloper’s description of game: Lights Off is a fun and highly addictive puzzle game.

The object of this game is to get all of the lights to go off. When you click on a box it affects the four boxes around it. When you get all the lights to go off, or “win,” it takes you to the next stage. The first two stages are pretty easy…just getting you used to how the game works…things get a little tricker by stage three (there are 212 stages!!). On the bottom right of the screen there is an info button and a reset button. The info button gives you more information about the game and the reset button with bring you back to the start of the stage you are in (just in case you get totally messed up!). Some people LOVE this game…I however get too frustrated and end up quiting!! :) LightsOff is available through the Ste Packaging source. Here are some screenshots:

Lights Off SpringBoard LightsOff

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  1. thirstyrobot says

    When I upgraded my iPhone from 1.1.4 to 2.1 firmware, I lost this great app. How do I reinstall it? I don’t see it in either the Installer or Cydia lists.

  2. could not found it on that source :S