iPhone 4 Rumors

AppleOf course we don’t know what the next iPhone will be called but we have heard a lot of rumors. Here’s a list of some of them:

– There have been a few images of the next iPhone so here’s a few:


– This one shows a white front:

– Steve Jobs will give the keynote at this years WWDC on June 7th. Based on past years we think he will announce the new iPhone then. Firmware 4.0 should also be released at that time. [Read more…]

4th Generation (4G) iPhone Found [pictures/video]

AppleSomeone is so getting fired… Ok, I’m going to sum this up real quick and get to the points. Someone found an iPhone in a bar. Turns out it’s a test model. Based on a lot of info, it seems to be the next iPhone.


New design
Higher resolution screen
Front facing camera
Second microphone (noise cancellation)
Micro sim card
Bigger battery
Camera Flash
Bigger Camera (not sure of resolution yet)

Gizmodo got a hold of it and has lots of pictures and video. And here they are:


[nggallery id=77]


Here is the original post from Gizmodo.