iPhone 4 Rumors

AppleOf course we don’t know what the next iPhone will be called but we have heard a lot of rumors. Here’s a list of some of them:

– There have been a few images of the next iPhone so here’s a few:


– This one shows a white front:

– Steve Jobs will give the keynote at this years WWDC on June 7th. Based on past years we think he will announce the new iPhone then. Firmware 4.0 should also be released at that time.

Walmart recently reduced the price of the 16GB iPhone 3GS to $97. This is most likely so they can clear their current inventory and make way for the new iPhone. There are also rumors that the 3GS will stay around once the new iPhone is released.

– Every year there is the rumor that Verizon will get the iPhone. This year there have been rumors of Apple building a CDMA phone or a CDMA & GSM phone, Verizon employees working on iPhone marketing, the AT&T exclusivity being extended, the AT&T exclusivity being shortened, Sprint getting the iPhone and not Verizon, if it comes to Verizon it will support data and voice at the same time.

The iPhone page in the Apple Store Online does not have a select button for the 8GB iPhone 3G anymore.


– Commercials are rumored to have begun filming for the new iPhone and are being directed by Sam Mendes and feature a mother and daughter using the new video chat feature that uses the new front facing camera.

– There is no official name for the new iPhone but some of the rumors include iPhone 4G & iPhone HD.

– AT&T is no longer receiving shipments of the iPhone 3G.

– AT&T will finally get tethering. I’m going to have to see this to believe it but here’s a screenshot of what the setting looks like. It does mention AT&T in there…


– Flash for the camera. This is pretty much confirmed with a rumor a while ago that Apple was looking for a good flash and recent images of the prototype containing a flash.

– Higher megapixel camera. Again, this is information gathered when Gizmodo got a hold of a prototype and showed that the new camera is much bigger.

– Front facing camera. We’ve talked about this above. This was also seen in the prototype iPhone.

– Uses a microSIM card. Also shown in the prototype.

– Bigger Battery. When prototype devices have been opened they seemed to have a larger battery.

– Uses the A4 chip which is also in the iPad. When the prototype in Vietnam was opened, it looked to have a similar chip to the A4. This is a 1 Ghz chip.

– Higher resolution screen. This is an assumption from Gizmodo which said that the screen appeared to have pixels that were much closer together than the current iPhone.

– Assuming that they will continue past trends, the new iPhones should come in 16, 32 & 64GB sizes.

– iPod touch should get upgrades too including a rumored 2MP camera.

– Facebook integration into iPhone software.

– Mobile Me to be a free service and some features will be paid upgrades.

Let us know of any that we may have missed and we’ll get them added to the list.

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  1. Saying “AT&T will finally get tethering” is not entirely accurate, as it implies that Apple is the one that has prevented AT&T from offering tethering on the iPhone. In fact, tethering has been supported since OS 3.0. It has been AT&T that has declined to offer the service, likely because its crappy network can barely handle the existing iPhone traffic. What IS new in OS 4.0 is an interface that allows you to buy tethering service directly from the phone. This may suggest that AT&T may offer a way to enable tethering temporarily and outside of your monthly contract (which would be nice, as few people need tethering all the time).

    And where did you get the rumor that MobileMe is going to become free. That would be a nice change…

  2. the iphone will be released the first week of August, just got this confirmed from an ATT employee, as that a black out week for them due to the release, whcih means hey will have to work not stop…

    I can’t wait for it.

  3. Someone have any news for the MacBook Air ? btw congratulations for this very good website,i follow him since a good moment

  4. BlackLuke says

    No one from att is going to tell you that JBix, but in the rare event that they did. They are speculating. Don’t be so dumb.
    Can’t wait for the new iPhone though!
    Just dropped mine in lake Michigan. Luckily after swimming it was pulled out of the lake, dried and still works!

  5. jum rumflummer says

    Sure dude, we believe everything.
    Was underwater coverage OK ??