4th Generation (4G) iPhone Found [pictures/video]

AppleSomeone is so getting fired… Ok, I’m going to sum this up real quick and get to the points. Someone found an iPhone in a bar. Turns out it’s a test model. Based on a lot of info, it seems to be the next iPhone.


New design
Higher resolution screen
Front facing camera
Second microphone (noise cancellation)
Micro sim card
Bigger battery
Camera Flash
Bigger Camera (not sure of resolution yet)

Gizmodo got a hold of it and has lots of pictures and video. And here they are:


[nggallery id=77]


Here is the original post from Gizmodo.

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  1. This is why I didn’t get a 3GS. Looks so slick ! I’m so surprised this got leaked though, they’re usually so careful.

  2. I’m hoping 64GB at under $400 or under with a 2-year contract.
    Slick design and features. Loving the flash finally!!!

  3. I am so ready to buy it!!! Please, announce the date when its coming out!

    • We need a date and price!!!! Someone leak it please!!!

      My guess is Apple won’t make it more than $500 because of the EVO and such. I’m saying $299 or $399.

      $299 for 32GB w/ 2 year contract with AT&T
      $399 for 64GB w/ 2 year contract with AT&T

      Storage is quite important for HD content. This would make the new iPhone a huge hit over the EVO!!

  4. I too skipped the 3GS as it didn’t have much of an upgrade as I wanted. This new prototype is just what I’m looking for. Can’t wait!!!

  5. I can’t see that body being legit. It doesn’t make sense that they would go away from the unibody design…a unibody iphone just falls in line with what they’ve been doing. This phone doesn’t.

    I’m still hoping that this phone is a ruse.

  6. I do hope this is, the 4G iPhone, sleek looks are not everything, but functionality is. Bought my 32Gb 3GS for £540, a new generation iPhone is going to cost more, and has to perform much better.

  7. If it was real then why doesnt he turn it on and use it, it might not hav OS 4.0 on it but if its apples it would be running an apple OS or you would be able to plug it into iTunes and install OS 4.0 onto it if you want, a cheap knock off wont be able to run any of apples OS so doing this will clearly tell us if its apple or not. Also it might just be a fake by apple to throuh us of the real deal

    • no its the real deal…..gizmodo got thier hands on it and theve confirmed it…..they said they cant turn it on and use it becuase appl remotely killed it lol…….apple must be pissed………….

    • Andres Ramirez says

      Apparently it got wiped remotely. When you connect it to itunes, it does recognize it but it’s too new to install anything … although they didn’t provide screen shots of that. mmm

  8. THIS IS A FAKE, chinese made. NOBODY, Not 1 video has the iPhone turned on cause it’s FAKE

  9. what are the Processor specs i know they took this thing apart but i cant find any of those specs!

  10. wud it have killed whomever to put it into airplane mode? i mean duh

  11. Why won’t they turn it on ?

  12. I can’t believe they’d go back to a flat back on it like the original iPhone. There’s a big difference in the feel of it in your hand between the flat back and the slightly curved of the 3G/3GS.

  13. Despite the letter from Apple requesting the prototype back, I still think this whole thing is an Apple ruse…

    They’re known to do crazy things to maintain secrecy, and buying a Japanese knock off, silk screening the back with Apple info, and leaving it in a bar…

    doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility…does it?


  14. well real talk gizmodo u should give away this iphone to GeoHot he will find out whats up with it and hopefully new unlock and jailbreak will come out soon .

  15. Glad I bought a 3GS for the overall speed (processing power and memory). Sold my iPhone 3G jailbroken and unlocked on eBay for a nice coin and paid the full price of my 3GS upgrade, lol. This new iPhone that was found in the bar. I’m wondering if this is an Apple scam. I mean would it be in the realm of possibility to believe that Apple could be behind this and making it all up only to unveil the TRUE next gen iPhone in the coming weeks? To get everyone off their trail and divert everyone’s attention? Very possible lol.

    Doesn’t matter to me though as I will sell my 3GS unlocked and jailbroken on eBay for a nice coin like I did my 3G and get the new one hahaha. It’s all good as far as I’m concerned. As for this iPhone that was found, it’s not exactly a bad design. It’s different. But seems like Apple would be going back to the 1st gen type of look which by the way I happened to like. So, whatever Apple decides I’m sure we will be happy.

    One thing though, I’ve been reading about the slightly smaller screen on this prototype model that was found. THAT is annoying! Ok more detail and higher res on the screen but SMALLER!? SHEESH! I mean the HTC EVO 4G looks BEAUTIFUL with its huge screen. Come on Apple why would you SHRINK the screen?????