Slingbox for the iPhone Preview

Coming Soon: App Store       Price: $30.00  

Sling MediaChris Pirillo recently got a sneak peak of the Slingbox player for the iPhone. It looks pretty sweet. If you have a slingbox you can then watch live T.V. on your iPhone over the internet or cellular for $30. Ouch! Here’s the a video demo:

Watch Slingbox for the iPhone on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. I hope it’s also for the ipod touch 1g or 2g!!!

  2. Oh yea hope there’s a promo code!

  3. that’s awesome! finally! man…too bad i cant use my windows license for the iphone…freakin $30!?! man…

  4. anyone know when it’s coming out, I heard it’d be out by the end of march- anyone know anything more specific??

  5. Does it work for french tv’s???????

  6. $30.00 typically Echostar rip off

  7. I don’t understand. You can download the iPhone app ($30) and then once it is finished downloading instantly watch TV?

  8. it should be $20

  9. I’d like to be on the order list now…..

  10. Any Update on the release??? I have been waiting anxiously for the release and we are nearing the end of Q1.


  11. hey man when will be coming out.i been wating so long.come on man.put it out.too many people waiting for it.