Opera Has Submitted Browser to the App Store, Now We Wait… (UPDATED)

OperaOpera has submitted their super fast browser to the App Store and now all we can do is wait. Apple has always said no third party browsers on the iPhone so most predictions are that Opera will be denied. Opera is pretty confident that they will not be rejected so only time will tell. The app is pretty fast, as proven in the video below. The way it works is the browser requests the webpage, Opera’s servers actually download it and then compress it for mobile viewing and then send it to your iPhone. This is how their browser works on other devices and from my experience, which was my phone before my first iPhone, was very positive. Once the app is released we’ll do a full review. Watch for a tweet with the direct link to download once it’s available.


*UPDATE – Found another video*

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  1. As an owner of the original iPhone, this is a big interest of mine

    • I completely agree, I use a 2g iPhone as well and this browser would be FANTASTIC!!! One thing thats a real bummer, is no pinch to zoom :( that may/may not be a killer for me, I’d have to try it out before a final verdict.

  2. The interface alone is sick. Apple should be allowing opera to replace crappy safari.

  3. MaverickC17 says

    There are many alternative web browsers in the App Store right now. This should not be held up for long in the approval process.

    And with the announcement of a couple competitor’s phones Apple needs to step it up big time.

  4. Tiago Emerick says

    io cant find it. when its gonna out?>

  5. After this Opera video, I use my mobilesafari and feel boring once loading…