Dev-Team Releases Developer Jailbreak for 4.0 Firmware

##ICON_NAME## We have known for a week or so that the 4.0 firmware is jailbreakable however, the Dev-Team has now released a beta of the jailbreak. This jailbreak is specifically for “developers of jailbroken apps.” Like all jailbreaks, it has restrictions. Below is some info from the Dev-Team.
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Firmware 4.0 Event Keynote Video Now Available

##ICON_NAME## Apple has posted the Keynote from today’s Firmware 4.0 Event. “Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs give a sneak peek into the future of the iPhone OS.”

View the Keynote HERE on Apple’s website.


Video of Firmware 4.0 Multitasking Feature

Multitasking Below is a quick demo video of the new multitasking feature that will be available with the 4.0 firmware.

Firmware 4.0 – The Basics

##ICON_NAME## Today, Apple announced firmware 4.0. The new firmware contains 100 new user features. Some of these new features include; the ability to create playlists, 5x digital zoom, tap to focus on video, gift apps, geotagging, places in the photo app, change the homescreen wallpaper, bluetooth keyboards, spell checker… etc. If those were not cool enough, the seven major new features include; multitasking, folders, enhanced mail, iBooks, enterprise, Game Center, and iAd (read more about those HERE).
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Firmware 4.0 – 7 Main New Features – Overview

##ICON_NAME## Apple’s announcement today on firmware 4.0 (which is due to be released summer 2010… dev preview released today) contains over 100 new user features however, they spent the majority of the time focusing on the 7 major new features. This is just a quick overview of what those seven new features are. We will talk about each one separately and more in-depth… as soon as we have them written. :) [Read more…]

iPhone OS 4.0 Event – Live Blog

##ICON_NAME## Today is the day (actually in just over an hour)! Apple is planning to make an announcement about the 4.0 firmware from it’s campus in Cupertino. The event will take place at 10:00am PT. Apple says we will be getting a, “sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software.” We will have to see what this brings! :) And, like usual, we will be live blogging the event… stay tuned!


So far I’m not finding a live audio or video stream. It seems that Apple is filtering out people with cameras. Here’s what Gizmodo just said:

We’re inside. People are being seated. Anyone with a camera is being separated out for some reason. Seriously?

So we’ll just be checking all our sources for info. Steve is on the stage. When there is real factual info about the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, we will be posting it here. An amazing stat being shared is Apple sold over 300,000 iPads on the first day and 450,000 as of today. As usual, Steve Jobs is talking up stats, showing off some iPad apps, and showing they are a head of competition.

iPhone OS will ship in “Summer” of 2010 and a developer preview will be released today. There will be over 1500 new APIs, access to calendar, photo library, quicklook; new framework called accelerate for hardware accelerated math functions.


Birthday Calendar
Create Playlists
5x digital zoom
Sync IMAP notes
Top Hit in Search
Tap to Focus Video
Places in Photos
Home Screen Wallpaper
Search MMS
Wake on Wireless
Bluetooth Keyboards
Spell Check
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iPhone Firmware 4.0 Event Preview This Thursday!

AppleApple will be holding an event this Thursday, April 8th at 10:00am PT to show off the new 4.0 Firmware. One of the biggest features rumored to be announced is the ability to run applications in the background simultaneously. Additionally rumored is that hitting the home button twice will bring up an Exposé like view of the apps currently running. Instead of showing screenshots of current apps, it would show the icon of the apps. This would be one of the main features that competitor devices like Androids and the Palm Pre have. Of course, if you’re jailbroken, you can already do this with Backgrounder.

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Apple’s iPhone OS 3.1 Feature List

##ICON_NAME## Below is Apple’s list of new features for iPhone OS 3.1.

The free iPhone OS 3.1 Software Update includes some great new features, as well as all the features from previous updates. iPhone OS 3.1 gives you Genius recommendations for apps, lets you download ringtones wirelessly, offers a new way to organize apps on your iPhone, and more.

Genius Recommendations for Apps:
Get recommendations for apps you might like based on apps you’ve already downloaded.

Added by Brooke… The Genius section will be located in the App Store application in the Features option. At the top of the Features page it will now have tabs for New, What’s Hot and Genius.

Genius Mixes:
Have iTunes create up to 12 playlists based on what’s already in your library. You don’t even have to choose a sample song.1

Download Ringtones Wirelessly:
Choose from thousands of iPhone ringtones on the iTunes Store and buy them with a tap.

Added by Brooke… There will be over 30,000 ringtones available from all 4 of the major music labels. They ringtones will be sold for a $1.29 (USD) each.

Organize Apps in iTunes:
Use iTunes on your computer to drag apps onto virtual Home screens, then sync them to your iPhone.

iPhone OS 3.1 also includes these features and updates:
* Improved syncing for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and photos1
* iTunes U content organization1
* Redeem iTunes Gift Cards, codes, and certificates in the App Store
* Display available iTunes account credits in the App Store and iTunes Store
* Save video from Mail and MMS into Camera Roll
* Option to “Save as new clip” when trimming a video on iPhone 3GS
* Better iPhone 3G Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is turned on
* Remotely lock iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe
* Use Voice Control on iPhone 3GS with Bluetooth headsets
* Paste phone numbers into the keypad
* Option to use Home button to turn on accessibility features on iPhone 3GS
* Warn when visiting fraudulent websites in Safari (anti-phishing)
* Improved Exchange calendar syncing and invitation handling
* Fixes issue that cause some app icons to display incorrectly


Skype Application Updated – New Features

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Skype Tonight, Skype was update to version 1.2. The new version adds quite a few new features (see change log below). When you update the app, it adds has a nice little pop-up when you open the application that says, “This version of Skype is only supported on unmodified iPhone OS 2.2 and 3.0.” The application will still work on a modified OS however, they will not support it if you are having issues. So, if you have a jailbroke iPhone or iPod touch, you can update and the app will still work but don’t run to them for tech support… they might turn you down. [Read more…]