Apple’s iPhone OS 3.1 Feature List

##ICON_NAME## Below is Apple’s list of new features for iPhone OS 3.1.

The free iPhone OS 3.1 Software Update includes some great new features, as well as all the features from previous updates. iPhone OS 3.1 gives you Genius recommendations for apps, lets you download ringtones wirelessly, offers a new way to organize apps on your iPhone, and more.

Genius Recommendations for Apps:
Get recommendations for apps you might like based on apps you’ve already downloaded.

Added by Brooke… The Genius section will be located in the App Store application in the Features option. At the top of the Features page it will now have tabs for New, What’s Hot and Genius.

Genius Mixes:
Have iTunes create up to 12 playlists based on what’s already in your library. You don’t even have to choose a sample song.1

Download Ringtones Wirelessly:
Choose from thousands of iPhone ringtones on the iTunes Store and buy them with a tap.

Added by Brooke… There will be over 30,000 ringtones available from all 4 of the major music labels. They ringtones will be sold for a $1.29 (USD) each.

Organize Apps in iTunes:
Use iTunes on your computer to drag apps onto virtual Home screens, then sync them to your iPhone.

iPhone OS 3.1 also includes these features and updates:
* Improved syncing for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and photos1
* iTunes U content organization1
* Redeem iTunes Gift Cards, codes, and certificates in the App Store
* Display available iTunes account credits in the App Store and iTunes Store
* Save video from Mail and MMS into Camera Roll
* Option to “Save as new clip” when trimming a video on iPhone 3GS
* Better iPhone 3G Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is turned on
* Remotely lock iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe
* Use Voice Control on iPhone 3GS with Bluetooth headsets
* Paste phone numbers into the keypad
* Option to use Home button to turn on accessibility features on iPhone 3GS
* Warn when visiting fraudulent websites in Safari (anti-phishing)
* Improved Exchange calendar syncing and invitation handling
* Fixes issue that cause some app icons to display incorrectly


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  1. Hey and what about the bluetooth file transfer?,

  2. I’m happy for 3.1 but sad about no iPod touch camera lol

  3. Since the 3.1 sofware are now available, does it mean that another software update will be out on September 25 for enabling the MMS under AT&T?

    • That’s a really good question! Hopefully this 3.1 update already includes the changes for MMS with AT&T. Can anyone confirm whether or not it does?

    • I believe apple can update the Carrier settings without updating the OS Software and thereby enabling mms since that’s all I did to
      enable it on my 3gs by using the configuration file through iTunes.

    • William Ordonez says

      I think it’s going to be a carrier update. I remember a while ago when they did the same thing. It was just a simple carrier update. I’m sure that it’s embedded within the phone but it will take the carrier update to release it.

    • More likely, iTunes will distribute a new AT&T carrier profile to enable MMS.

  4. Still no fully functional bluetooth function. Are Apple completely stupid or as I have said before ‘just don’t care’

    • Yeah I think they don`t want to listen to the actual users of this product,how stupid of them I think it is the only phone in the world that doesn`t support bluetooth file transfer.

    • Open Bluetooth on any phone leaves a gapping hole for anyone to exploit. Just like leaving your doors open at home while you’re out. Apple guards their product security like an hawke. It’s not stupid, just prudent. So you want open Bluetooth? Would you like a virus with that? Not me!!

  5. William Ordonez says

    Did they say anything about the battery performance and if they enhanced it in anyway?

  6. my wi-fi stopped working completely after the 3.0 update, i hope it starts working again.

  7. What, no fix or switch for the Group SMS = MMS issue?

  8. You can trim a saved video on the 3G.

  9. Well they didn’t say my keyboard click sounds would be greatly reduced!! It is too low now on my 3GS. What happened?

  10. I wonder if the bluetooth motorola s9 will work with all its functions.
    with the 3.1

  11. Why would anyone pay over a dollar for a ringtone when you can make them in 30 seconds for completely free on itunes. You don’t even need to jailbreak!

  12. I updated to 3.1 this afternoon and since then I’ve had two instances of the phone just seizing up – the screen remains black and I have to do a hard reset :(

    has anyone else experienced this?

  13. Smallville2408 says

    I’m not sure about any of you but I just found out that MMS is fully functional on my iPhone 3GS. I live in Houston, Texas and currently running os 3.0. The only reason I could think this possible is the carrier update hack I performed (not the method that involved switching sim cards). I have sent out pictures, videos, and audio, all sent and recieved beautifully. I’m curious to know if anyone else under AT&T has MMS working.

  14. Orangepeeler says

    I have an old original iphone and ive performed the update to 3.1 and the carrier update then rebooted. The text icon did change to messages but the camera icon didnt show up next to my text field…Any tips on what i might have done wrong or if MMS is even possible on my iphone, (ive heard of it working fine for some), are greatly appreciated