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##ICON_NAME## Today is the day (actually in just over an hour)! Apple is planning to make an announcement about the 4.0 firmware from it’s campus in Cupertino. The event will take place at 10:00am PT. Apple says we will be getting a, “sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software.” We will have to see what this brings! :) And, like usual, we will be live blogging the event… stay tuned!


So far I’m not finding a live audio or video stream. It seems that Apple is filtering out people with cameras. Here’s what Gizmodo just said:

We’re inside. People are being seated. Anyone with a camera is being separated out for some reason. Seriously?

So we’ll just be checking all our sources for info. Steve is on the stage. When there is real factual info about the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, we will be posting it here. An amazing stat being shared is Apple sold over 300,000 iPads on the first day and 450,000 as of today. As usual, Steve Jobs is talking up stats, showing off some iPad apps, and showing they are a head of competition.

iPhone OS will ship in “Summer” of 2010 and a developer preview will be released today. There will be over 1500 new APIs, access to calendar, photo library, quicklook; new framework called accelerate for hardware accelerated math functions.


Birthday Calendar
Create Playlists
5x digital zoom
Sync IMAP notes
Top Hit in Search
Tap to Focus Video
Places in Photos
Home Screen Wallpaper
Search MMS
Wake on Wireless
Bluetooth Keyboards
Spell Check

Of course there are a lot more and we’ll go into detail on them later. Multitasking is a big one. And of course wallpaper on your home screen. I’m not thrilled about digital zoom… Tap to focus on Video is pretty sweet. Keyboards, spellcheck, wow, there is a lot of sweet stuff. The stuff that’s available to developers is really sweet too. Check out the list below:


The multitasking works by tapping the home button. Then your app slides up to reveal a dock of running apps. Sounds like you can scroll though them too.


Apple has given developers access to the APIs for multitasking. So, Pandora can not only run in the background, but the onscreen controls that you get when you double tap the home screen when locked will also control Pandora, not just the iPod app. That is called the Background audio API. (I hope there is a location API coming!)


Another API is called VOIP and it allows apps like Skype to run in the background and stay on a call. It shows up as a double high status bar.


Now I have to say, I so predicted this background location API. This way you can tell apps where you are all the time with the app “closed”. It will let you know in the status bar.


Apps can also notify you when they have finished doing something, like uploading or downloading something like a picture of video. A huge feature that has been in the jailbreak community for a while known as categories is now called folders. It’s of course easier than the way categories does it and looks awesome! Because of folders, you can now have 2,160 apps instead of 180.


Another recent prediction from bloggers was a big change to email. Now if you have more than one email account, you can have them all combined into one inbox.


Of course a smart move on Apple’s part is adding iBooks to the iPhone. This just means more sales!


Apple talks about their new ad service but then tells what devices will get what…

iPhone 3GS gets all features of 4.0 this summer
iPad gets all features of 4.0 this fall
iPod touch 3rd Gen gets all features of 4.0 this summer

iPhone 3G gets most features but not multitasking
iPod touch 2nd Gen gets most features but not multitasking

1st Gen iPhone & 1st Gen iPod touch seems to get nothing…

Question and answer time:

Q. multitasking = more data, can AT&T Handle it? A: I don’t think it takes more data.
Q: Are there going to be achievement points, like Xbox Live? A: We’re still looking at point options.
Q: Is there going to be any change in Apple’s position on Java or Flash on version four? A: No.

During the Q&A Jobs said this about 4.0 not working on older devices: “There was no decision to make as far as multitasking. Some of the earlier hardware can’t support multitasking at all.”

Q: How do you close applications when multitasking? A: (Scott) You don’t have to. The user just uses things and doesn’t ever have to worry about it. (Steve) It’s like we said on the iPad, if you see a stylus, they blew it. In multitasking, if you see a task manager… they blew it. Users shouldn’t ever have to think about it.

Event has concluded

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  1. I think for once since the iPhone’s birth it finally has some competition in the midst. I sure hope that this isn’t just a tease to make people hang on. I hope it actually gets released in a prompt manner.

    • I bet is it just a tease. You’re right, there is competition, that’s why I think they are releasing info before the usual time at the Developers Conference like every year.

    • Summer 2010… not bad I guess but would rather have it now. When is the iPhone 4g/HD going to come out?

  2. “An amazing stat being shared is Apple sold over 1 million iPads on the first day and 3.5 million as of today.”

    I thinks iPad apps and not iPads…

  3. Kmichale says

    It’s interesting that they say we were only able to load 180 app on the iPhone/iPod when I currenly have 417 right now & I’m not jailbroken. Is this 180 on the 11 pages given without searching for hidden apps?

  4. I am crying with excitement!