qTweeter Update – Upload Videos to Twitter and Facebook on First Gen iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then Donation  

qTweeter qTweeter, a Twitter application, has been updated to version 2.0. The update adds a new feature – video. The really cool part is that you can send a video tweet not only from an iPhone 3GS but also an iPhone 3G and a first gen iPhone (on the 3.0 firmware)! Very cool.

If you are on a first gen iPhone or an iPhone 3G, you will need to install Cycorder via Cydia. qTweeter uses Cycorder to record the video you will tweet (and then uses TwitVid to post the video to Twitter and Facebook… you do not have to have TwitVid installed on your iPhone for it to work). The video is posted just like any other TwitVid video in both Twitter and Facebook. I also like that qTweeter allows you to upload a previously taken video.

It worked great for me on an iPhone 3G running 3.0 however, Doug had to uninstall it from his iPhone 3GS because it put it into continuous Safe Mode.

I personally have always thought this was a cool Twitter application. For a full review of the app please see previous posts about qTweeter. You can get qTweeter via the Ste Packaging source.


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  1. Any issues with this and SBSettings on the 3GS? The whole swipe down for qTweeter and swipe right with SBS>?

    • Nevermind, tested it out and it works smooth as can be…and def the overall stability of a jailbroken 3GS is wayyyyy better than the 2G phone. So glad i upgraded two weeks ago. Its practically identical since i installed the same apps i had, and everything just runs so much better!

    • Does qTweeter work on your iPhone 3GS? It didn’t work on Doug’s (it put his into Safe Mode).

    • It works fine for me on 3GS.

      (I had all of the mobile substrate updates installed prior to qtweeter install)

    • Thanks for the info Devin…Doug will have to try his again…he might have something else conflicting with it too.

      PS – Good name!

    • Thanks! Good luck! Love your work!

  2. this app isnt free… it is a trial…

  3. Love qTweeter! The interface is absolutely superb, and definitely provides the quickest tweeting experience. TwitVid video is definitely a nice addition. This app is worth every penny for any moderate to heavy user of twitter.

  4. Downloaded this app, via cydia, but when I ran it, it informed me all my free tweets have gone and I would have to donate before I can use it? How can I try the app before donating to something that I have not used?

    • Well, after thinking about it, just decided to donate and use the app, great decision, works very well and with the conversion rate £3.11 cost, awesome!!!

  5. For facebook, I was hoping it actually loads and save in my facebook account rather than a link to watch the video. Back to the good old method of upload it manually to facebook.

  6. It’s really not a good facebook app. Still needs work for posting pics to your facebook
    and it’s not free!!! 

  7. mkrueger says

    I use pixelpipe after I record something on Cycorder to upload to Facebook. It’s the best alternative for 3G for now, but it would be great if someone developed something for Facebook available in Cydia.

  8. Can you tell me if there is an app out there for 2G iphone to upload video from Cycorder to Facebook? My understanding is that pixelpipe only works with 3g.