VideosTone 1.3

VideosTone The update to version 1.3 of VideosTone adds a few new abilities to the application. The app is now able to detect system vibrations which means, if you have your iPhone set to vibrate when you receive a call, VideosTone now recognizes that and your iPhone will vibrate even when VideosTone is enabled. The same is also true for the silence switch. VideosTone now detects the silence switch which means you are able to silent the ringer while a video ringtone is playing. The iPod volume settings are now also able to be detected by VideosTone. One thing I am really glad to see with this update is that VideosTone is now compatible with Kate!! That is huge for me. Also, there has been an additional video ringtone added in the Video section. Other than that, the application functions the same an in the previous version. You can get VideosTone through the iFoneTec source.

Update: Below is a video of what the new video ringtone looks like.


Watch “New Video Ringtone” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. CoMeTeTaS says


    Well i had vWallpaper and VideoTone installed at the same time, but today i prefered to use vWallpaper, and I’ve uninstalled the videotone, and what happened? vWallpaper stop working… normal ringer when i recive calls, and no video….??

    Can someone help me please!?

    Thanks, and sorry for my english!

  2. the one thing that really sucks about this app is that if the video u r using desnt having audio then u won’t anything at all. I wish it would just play your default ringtone instead of nothing at all

    • I think if you create a ringtone and add it to the vtone ringtone then u can set the ringtone with the video instead of the ringtone setting at none. The ringtone should play with the video.I have not tried this. All my videos have sound, but this is how it is supposed to work.

  3. Does it still works for free. or this update is Donationware.

  4. Phil, Washington, DC says

    This app is GREAT! I show it off to my lame Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile loser friends. LOL. I just hope that many of these apps are available in the appstore. I plan on buying the 3G phone friday. I am a sucker when it comes to new gadgets! But along with Xbox360 its all the entertainment I treat myself to. I like my 1st GEN iPhone. I can personalize it the way I like. But I know Steve Jobs and his Cronies are hard at work to set the new phone so it can be tamper proof.

  5. Tamper proof???

    It will be unlocked and jailbroken in weeks

    • Phil, Washington DC says

      I sure hope so, I may wait to see which jailbreak I will use. I bet there will be a few methods.

  6. i strongly agree with n0m0n

  7. any of you that installed it could past his setting.plist (where actually videotones adds the options) cuz if you have a modified one it acts like mobilescrobbler u just cant have the installer go till the end (adding the lines and options)

    thanks a lot!

  8. I instead this but I can’t have access to it in my settings I dont get it?

  9. magsbadboy says

    Yeah, I’m runnin 1.1.4 and VRT is not in my settings? How did everybody else get it to work?

  10. Unxpekted says

    Same problem alot of people are having

  11. I think that you should install Dynamic Module Loader 1.1 before you install the VRT. Hope that help

  12. work perfectly :)

  13. I’m runnin 1.1.4.I have install Dynamic Module Loader 1.1 and VideoTone 1.3, but VTR is not in my setting.Any ideas?