VideosTone 1.0

VideosTone VideosTones is an application that allows you to set a video ringer. Video ringers is a feature that the iPhone has always lacked. I had phones in the past that had the ability for video ringers and I was really stoked to see that is was finally available for the iPhone!

Before installing the VideoTone application, you will first need to install the Dynamic Module Loader application. Once it has finished installing, you can go in and install VideosTone. Note: VideosTone is a very large file (3.4 MB) and takes a decent amount of time to download…you will definitely want to be on WiFi. You may even want to grab a cup of coffee and a scone while you wait (I’m on a scone kick)! The Dynamic Module Loader application will not add an icon to your SpringBoard…it is just a code app. Once the VideosTone application has finished installing it will add a VideosTone option in your Stock Settings (so, it also is not added as an application on your SpringBoard). Once you have finished installing both applications, you will want to reboot your iPhone and then you can go into your stock Settings and locate the VideosTone option.

When you select the VideosTone option in your Settings, you will get the following options; iFoneTec Account, Enable VideosTones, RingTone, Video, VideosTone for personalize and Help and About. The first thing you will want to do is go into the iFoneTec Account and enter your name and email address. The Enable VideosTone will obviously turn the application on. The RingTone and Video features will list all of the possible RingTone and Video options. The app does not come with any RingTones however, it does come with a default Video. You can add more RingTones and Videos by SSHing them into the ~Media/VideoTone/Ring folder and the ~Media/VideoTone/Video folder. The ringtones must be a .aif file. And the iPhone can play MP4, .M4V and .MOV video files. If the video you select as your video ringtone has audio, you will want to set the RingTone as None…that way you can hear the audio that is with your video. When you select a RingTone and Video from the list, it will use that as the RingTone and Video for all your incoming calls.

The Personalize Setting option is only available if you purchase the application however, there does not seem to be any indication on how to purchase the app or how much it will cost when it is available to be purchased. The Personalized Settings look as though they will allow you to choose specific video ringers for specific contacts. The Help and About option will give you more information about the application. I tested this application and I had no problems. I was able to set the default video ringtone and I was able to add my own video via SSH, both worked great! Check out the demo video below. You can get both the Dynamic Module Loader and the VideosTone applications through the iFoneTec source.

Note: If you would like to learn how to make custom Video ringers, check out THIS article by the developer.

Demo Video:

Watch “VideosTone” on your iPhone of iPod Touch.


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  1. This is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. COOL

  3. think this app will conflict with vwallpaper.

  4. is it me, or does everything they write have a typo in it…

    • Who is “they”? If you are referring to the reviews done by Brooke and Doug then you have two options.

      1. Get run over by a train.
      2. Jump off a bridge

      These guys do an excellent job in what they do. Its not easy downloading apps and doing extensive reviews. If you dont like it, leave. Im sorry if i come across bitter but I really appreciate what these guys do for us. I’d be lost if it wasnt for AIS.

    • I guess DJConta was referring to the typos in the application. “VideosTone have been install” instead of “installed” and “Than” instead of “then”. And anyway, chill out TZ, everyone here knows that “they” doing good job running this website and providing reviews for apps. That’s the reason people come back. You don’t have to jump at people and scream at ’em, unless Brooke is paying you to be “their” lawyer / bouncer.

    • woah dude chill out, yes I was referring to iFone Tec, not doug and Brooke! I appreciate this site as much as you do, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear.

  5. Nice app but where can i get video Ringtones in aif

  6. Anyone know how to convert an .m4r to an .aif for the ring file?

  7. Found out how:

    Open iTunes
    Go to Edit/Preferences and then click the advanced tab
    Then click importing tab and select AIFF encoder.
    Then right click a song in your iTunes library that has been trimmed to ringtone size (20 seconds or so) and select convert selection to AIFF
    Copy to your iPhone and you are set!

    • it works! thank you. however, the Ringtone won’t loop – phone will stop ringing once the ringtone is finished.

    • Create ringtone in 30sec size not 20sec. And no looping.

  8. is there a way to set it up so that it uses the default ringtone you are currently using? i have “none” selected” in the ringtone setting and when it rings there is no sound.

  9. what the full path to upload video file? Thank you

    • if you open Videos tone on your phone and scroll down to the” Help and About” icon and click on it, the full path for upload is there under “How to put my customize video”.

  10. does the app gonna conflict with kate?

  11. Anyone know how to personalize; videotone for each contact?

  12. That was fast….just got an e-mail from ifonetec! they have updated the vidoetone app….YAY!!

  13. I keep trying to download. And I already have the Dynamic Module or w/e downloaded, but it still doesnt work?

    It says “Main script execution failed!”

    Help pleaseee..I want this app

  14. hey I installed videotone but is not showing up on my settings can anyone help?

  15. Same here, it’s not showing up on my iphone settings!

  16. yeah its not showing up in my settings either

    Someone please help. This app looks cool

  17. same problem its just not showing up in the settings

  18. A) Not showing up in settings
    Reason: Wrong source (perhaps not actually videotine your are installing)

    1) Uninstall the current copy you have
    2) Update sources and ensure iFoneTech: – is added to your sources.

    3) Find Videotone (Ensure that the file’s source is iForTec, not

    follow directions above.. and Done! it worked beautifully… now if i can only find a small size file of Viva la Vida my day would be complete!

  19. Hi, I have installed successfully on my iphone. I am unable to see Video tone settings option in Settings Section. Could any one please help me how to get that option?

  20. This really rocks…JUST HAVE INSTALLED ON MY I PONE …..:)…man! r u gone nuts is a vista/xp wallpaper based website.