iRinger – Free Ringtone Maker

Yes, it’s really free. No kidding. Catch? Only works on Windows… But that’s ok ’cause if you’re on a Mac you can just use GarageBand. Here’s a video of how it works.

The sweet thing about this program is that it runs without installing on your system. So you can just throw it on a thumbdrive and it’s ready to go. It’s pretty simple and exports right to iTunes. Works great!

You can download it at

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    grasias Douglas for this

  2. peteocheeto says

    this program gave me a virus!!!

    • I’m running virus protection and showed now signs of a virus.

      • whats a good virus protector for mac? I’m not sure if i have any and garage band, doesn’t that come with mac or do you need to download it?

  3. hey doug, just a little idea for ringtones…. even better site… click explore, then search and find, almost everything is on there and u just click download for iphone and then it goes straight to itunes!

  4. Works great for me, Easy, Fast, and no virus or problems what so ever. Thanx

  5. u like the site?
    idk how i found it but i use it a LOT!

  6. Richard B. says

    Doug, have you tried this on 2.0?

  7. It says it only works for 1.1.2 and 1.1.3….
    is this true? or can it be used in 1.1.4 and 2.0 ???

  8. This has been out for a year already and i love it.

  9. jollyblue626 says

    oh sweet!! thanks!

  10. billyjoe says

    how do u turn off the popup ad on this thing?

  11. Danny depie says

    The free version gives you pop-ups through the ads. not worth it

  12. anyone donated and got the pass to remove that thing under the software?

  13. Superb piece of software for UK users where Ringtones are not yet supported in itunes. If you really are bothered by a small ad appearing that maximises when you hover over it then pay the $10 to get rid of it and get access to the other effect features! If you’re not bothered by it then it still works fine without the extra features!

  14. Sweet program. Worked perfectly for me.

  15. It hangs on some songs, playing/previewing the song…… But the result in iTunes is ok…. if they could fix that.

  16. You guys should try:

    It lets you make ringtones for the iPhone for free… you don’t even need to sign up for anything… pretty sweet actually…. and it’s all web-based so it works on Mac & Windows.

    I’m pretty sure there’s another site out there like Audiko but I can’t remember the name…

  17. Tried it…Hate the pop up adds and I will not pay 10 bucks to get rid of them…
    no effects…
    but it works…except at the exporting process…
    the ringtone file is created and added to itunes, but iRinger stays in converting, so you have to close the program por every ringtone you create…

  18. What I don’t understand is why use a program such as this, when you can just create them for free in iTunes without any hassle? I’ve been doing it for my 3g and it works fine

    • Faireplay says

      I would sure love to know how you got to create FREE ringtones in iTunes! Any ringtones I create are .99. Share your secret, please?

  19. you guys should check out … its a site where you can upload any mp3 you want and turn it into a ringtone for your iPhone and it works on both Mac and PC.

  20. cancel that i just say that some one else already said something about that a couple of coments back.

  21. hi.. I have a mac and I dont know how I can make my own ringtone using GarageBand :(

  22. i am not getting it

  23. Ravi Menon says

    Thanks. Its working.
    Is it possible to do video songs as iringer?
    If yes please help.

  24. It’s annoying because I would of appreciated iRInger in Mac OS X!


    Will you do a port?

  25. Hi, how do I download IRinger using Mac OS X? Regards


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