AiS Guys…I’m soo excited. I sat down to write a few posts as we travel and what happens, I look down and I have 3G on my iPhone!!! We do not have 3G where we live (we are supposed to have it no later than Thanksgiving) but we are currently going through Minneapolis, Minnesota and for the first time we have 3G!! YAY!! So, I took a few screenshots and Doug did a quick network test using iNetwork Test (an App Store app). We are currently getting around 1304kbps download where we normally get between 50-150kps. So…I was totally excited. It is amazing what a difference there is when you have 3G!! Everything seems to run faster…even just loading all my text messages! Let us know in the comments what you think of your 3G or lack there of!

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  1. hi
    i have V.2.1 can i use the 3G and there is softwere for that or i chang my V.

  2. 2g vs 3g = 3 of 2g -3g
    then 2g vs 3g = 2g 2g wins the iphone 3g is fake thats my opinion but the 2g is good

  3. great :D i got wireless network (100mb/s) almost everywhere around town ;-) so i dont have to pay for a 3g contract -> 10€ a month contract including 100 free minutes in every service.
    i think those iphone contracts are a total ripoff

  4. 3g Sux..!!!! 2g Is the best… 3g is garbage…

  5. It’s maybe hard to say but in america it’s not really Ideal to have 3G vs 2G

    Where I live, The Neterlands we have nearly everywhere 3G.

    I have a touch but I think It doesn’t take long untill I have my iPhone 3G

  6. Just landed in Minneapolis and enjoying the 3G goodness from the taxiway! :-) Sweet.

  7. I live in Brazil and – believe it or not – I have 3G anywhere in my city. It’s really cool but the contracts are murder sentences indeed.

  8. how did you find out when your getting 3G in your area

  9. try http://www.testmyiphone.com for 3G and Edge speed tests

    I’ve hit 2.82 Mbps in Canada :)

  10. Raz Al'Ghoul says

    U.S. 3G is a joke especially AT&T. The rest of the world is already moving on to 4G, WIMAX and EVDO-RevB. I live in the US but also lived in Europe and Japan for a while and Japan’s high speed mobile data network is by far the best in the world.

    Instead of being stoked at the fact that you are getting a 3G signal you should be outraged that you cannot get a decent one across the U.S. We invented the technology and we can’t even properly implement it in our own backyard. That is so pathetic, yet still you are paying exorbitant prices for a technology that is a least a decade past it’s prime. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    Wake up guys…

    • We started from the bottom and upgraded accordingly which costs quite a bit of money but those other places networks were built starting at 2/2.5G. They didn’t have to upgrade as much as we had to to get to the point where they started at.

    • very true…i want 4g and wimax!

    • Dustin James says

      Japan is on 4G because their government dictates what type of tower technology cell phones use.. therefore centralizing the cost to one type of technology.

      2G/Edge is incredibly slower than 3G. 3G can run from 400kps up to 1.5mbps.

    • Raz Al'Ghoul says

      Japan is on 4G and it may be because of the government’s involvement in it’s development and technology, but the bottom line is this; we have been in the cellular game a lot longer than Japan, but they got the technology from the U.S. and they have surpassed us on every level that the technology allows.

      They make it work and it works quite well and their cellphone plans are economically lean. Even countries like Sweden and Iceland have better cellular networks than the U.S.

      The deal is that American cellular providers need to get their acts together. I agree that upgrading the infrastructure of one’s cellular network is quite expensive but they have been making loads of money off their over priced plans for decades.

    • Actually cell phone technology is not invented in US nor by US. The technology was invented in Japan. The 3G technology was roll out in California just a few years ago after every where else in the world used (including third world country). The only way US going to be on the leading edge of technology is by using and continue improving the one technology. Find the best technology and stick to it…improve it… then at least US might be on the same page as other country. Just my 0.02

    • WRONG!!!! Cellphone technology is an advanced version of radio technology which WAS invented or discovered in the U.S and Europe. It was refined for public use by companies like Philips and for cellphone technology by companies like GE, Qualcom, Motorola.

      We had radio technology way before the Japanese. For example, we had the first cellphone called “field radios” during WWII. Mostly all modern day technology have been born in the U.S. and have been matured in Asian industry.

      I agree with Raz Al’Ghoul comment. It is quite OUTRAGEOUS that we are so far behind the rest of the world in term of this technology, granted America’s territory is bigger and more difficult to network but still, this should of been implemented at least 7 years ago.

      That’s my 2 cents…

    • Dustin James says

      I guess you don’t get it.

      Japan is more advanced because there is only ONE technology… and only ONE kind of provider..

      The government dictates a monopoly if you will… so prices are lower, no competition, and so the low costs of service all goes to a single technology…

      That is why they are more dominant in this area..

  11. I have a 2g and I get speeds over 300 kbs sometimes on tmobiles $5.99 Internet plan. Most of the time it’s around 220kbs I live in the USA.

  12. DJContagious says


    what an improvement, like we’re talking DRASTIC improvements in networks speeds and stuff like that..

  13. the closest I will come to 3G is when my G1 arrives. Can’t wait.

  14. SeijinZero says

    yall can make fun of new jersey all you want, but we have 3g over almost the whole state

  15. sms and 3g :))

  16. I live in Carroll County MD and I just notice it on friday morning. I love it its so much faster.

  17. Why would you pay for a speed testing app when there are perfectly good free ones..?

  18. Wow your special since when does 3G have anything to do with loading SMS messages??

  19. The U.S. is lagging far behind Europe and Asia in both internet and cell phone technology. When I left Rome in 2005 I was on a T1 fiberoptic line. In New York City, where I live now, the best you can get is Voip or DSL. Very old and despicable technology. Our cell phones here in the U.S. are even worse. The U.S. went with the wrong technology in the early days to save $$. Companies wanted to maximize the profits without having to build the infrastructure. Its a fact. Google it. The U.S is practically the Third World in these 2 areas.