StumblerPlus 1.0.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

StumblerPlus StumblerPlus is a WiFi network finder. When you open the application, you will get the main screen where you will notice a Scan option in the upper left corner. When you select Scan, you will get a list of WiFi networks in the area. You can then select a network and get more info about it. Here is what you will get; SSID, BSSID, OUI Vendor, RSSI, Singal Strength, Channel, AP Mode, Beacon Interval, WPA, WEP and Hidden Network. Do not ask me what any of that means!! Hopefully none of it is private! But, if you are into all knowing all that stuff…there you go. Check out the screenshots below!

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  1. wifi on my iphone has got all weak with 2.1 – it still works – but where i used to pick up everybody’s wifi in the area – now it only picks up the 1 right next to it : ( It’s a shame – i used to love using this app and seeing all the wifi hotspots…

  2. would be nice if it was like wi-finder and allow you to pick and connect/ otherwise it is a very nice looking app….

  3. So this one let u connect to a wifi or just gives the info?

  4. Ok rundown description of tech terms above (no I’m not the app creator)
    SSID: String, The name of the network.
    BSSID: Hex Number, Mac Address
    OUI Vendor: String, Access point brand.
    RSSI: Number, Received Signal Strength Indication
    Singal Strength: Number, Self explanatory.
    Channel: Number, One of the many a wireless signal can run over.
    AP Mode: Number, Access Point Mode.
    Beacon Interval: Number, Time between beacon requests
    WPA: Yes/No, Encryption enabled.
    WEP: Yes/No, Encryption enabled.
    Hidden Network: Yes/No, SSID Hidden

    To all those who want an app that will list secured networks and allow you to tap one and connect to it, go back to cloud 9. This isn’t possible for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

  5. Brooke…you can jailbreak your iPhone but you don’t know what a WEP key is?