BeenThere 0.13

BeenThere The update to version 0.13 of BeenThere, a social networking application that allows you to geotag and post photos, does not make any huge changes to the application itself. All of the options on the main menu are the same and there are no change to the Settings menu or the available tags. I did notice that when you post a photo, you get a pop-up saying that is has been sent successfully but I can’t remember if that was in the last version of the app or not. I did however notice a change in the BeenThere website – They have gone from a black theme to a white theme…which seems much cleaner. They have also added a few new options along the side menu bar. Other than that, the actual application does not seem to have any major changes. BeenThere is available via the Trivialware source.

BeenThere 0.12

BeenThere I only notice two visual change in the update to version 0.12 of BeenThere. On the main menu page, the options have been reordered. The Picture option if now first followed by the Title, Message, Tags and GeoLoc. I think this makes a lot more sense. They have also added a BeenThere! option in the upper left corner. If selected, it will bring you directly to the BeenThere website. A very smart implimentation! BeenThere is avialable through the Trivalware source.

BeenThere 0.12 BeenThere 0.12

BeenThere 0.1

BeenThere BeenThere is a social networking application that allows you to geotag photos and send them to When you open the application, you will get the main menu where you will find the options; Title, Message, Picture, Tags and GeoLoc. I’m not why the menu is in the order it is…it seems as thought you would want to take the picture first so that you can then write the Title and Message. I would start with the Picture option. Here you are able to snap a photo, just hold your iPhone up and tap on Take Picture. The only issue I have with this feature is that the Cancel button does not work. So, if you have already taken a picture and you accidentally hit the Picture option you either have to re-take the photo or close the application…either way you lose the picture you previously took.

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