BeenThere 0.1

BeenThere BeenThere is a social networking application that allows you to geotag photos and send them to When you open the application, you will get the main menu where you will find the options; Title, Message, Picture, Tags and GeoLoc. I’m not why the menu is in the order it is…it seems as thought you would want to take the picture first so that you can then write the Title and Message. I would start with the Picture option. Here you are able to snap a photo, just hold your iPhone up and tap on Take Picture. The only issue I have with this feature is that the Cancel button does not work. So, if you have already taken a picture and you accidentally hit the Picture option you either have to re-take the photo or close the application…either way you lose the picture you previously took.

Once you have taken your picture, [Read more…]

PhoneZap 1.2.9

PhoneZap Since the last version of PhoneZap, you are now able to delete comments posted on your Zaps. Which is definitely a nice feature. They have also implemented a filter that keeps inappropriate images from being displayed in the public Zapz. Another great feature! Besides those two features, there have also been a number of bug fixes. And, I have actually noticed a pretty decent improvement in the functionally of the application. I do not get nearly as much glitching as in the previous version. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.2.9

PhoneZap 1.2.3

PhoneZap PhoneZap is a beta networking app that allows you to share photos and messages and create ringtones. When the app opens, you will need to set up your user name and password. Once you have done that, you can get into the main application. You will notice a lower menu bar with the options; Zaps, Post, Messages, Prefs and Ringtones. The Zaps options allows you to see a live stream of the photos that are being posted using PhoneZap. If you tap on one of the photos, you are able to see the photo a little bigger, leave a comment and add the user as a Favorite User. There are also three more options in the upper right corner; [Read more…]