PhoneZap 1.2.9

PhoneZap Since the last version of PhoneZap, you are now able to delete comments posted on your Zaps. Which is definitely a nice feature. They have also implemented a filter that keeps inappropriate images from being displayed in the public Zapz. Another great feature! Besides those two features, there have also been a number of bug fixes. And, I have actually noticed a pretty decent improvement in the functionally of the application. I do not get nearly as much glitching as in the previous version. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.2.9

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  1. did anyone else have the problem with the ringtone maker, that made it only show podcasts and not the music?

  2. did anyone else have the problem with uploade pics from iphone to phonezap? i have the vers. 1.2.9.,

  3. I had trouble uploading pictures Or zapping them. However i also had trouble with ringtones.

    If yuor ringtone are not showing up in settings>sounds then you can download a app called Mobile Finder Or FInder from And move the rintones from var/mobile/media/iTunes_controll/ringtones to library/ringtones Then they will show up and work. THis is what i had to do. also Phone zap is set up for fw 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 so if yours is below that then you will need to allocate the ringtones using Finder and move them to the correct place. Hope this helps Someone…

  4. it detected my songs..and made a ringtones that actually works this time :D