PhoneZap 1.2.3

PhoneZap PhoneZap is a beta networking app that allows you to share photos and messages and create ringtones. When the app opens, you will need to set up your user name and password. Once you have done that, you can get into the main application. You will notice a lower menu bar with the options; Zaps, Post, Messages, Prefs and Ringtones. The Zaps options allows you to see a live stream of the photos that are being posted using PhoneZap. If you tap on one of the photos, you are able to see the photo a little bigger, leave a comment and add the user as a Favorite User. There are also three more options in the upper right corner; Latest Zaps (live stream), My Zaps (the images you have posted in PhoneZap) and Favorite Users (all the users you have added to your Favorites).

The Post option is where you are able to add your own post to PhoneZap. Just select Take a Picture. From here, you can either take a picture or select a photo out of your Camera Roll by tapping on the Elmo icon in the center of the menu bar. After you select ok, you can then add a Message to your photo and/or your location. Once all your information is entered, select Post. It will then be posted to the live stream of photos.

Another option is Messages. However, this option is a little glitchy for me and I cannot get it to work properly. One time when I posted a new message the app closed, another time it froze and another time it looked like it was going to post and then the screen went black on the top and then had glitchy messages at the bottom.

The Prefs option is where you set-up your User profile. In the preferences you can add your location, email address, a little something about yourself, a profile picture, choose whether you want SMS alerts when you receive comments or replies, the ability to turn on/off Hi Resolution photos and the option to Logout.

The Ringtones option allows you to create ringtones from the songs in your iPod. Once you are in the Ringtones option, just select an artist, an album and then a song. From here you select the time in which you would like the ringtone to start. It doesn’t play the song live so, you will have to know the exact time you would like the ringtone to start before you go to create it with this app. You can then choose the length of the ringtone. Once you have have all of the information entered just tap Test to hear what the ringtone will sound like. If you like it, tap Save. The ringtone will be added to the rest of the ringtones on your iPhone. However, when I created a ringtone and set it as the ringtone for one of my contacts, it did not play when they called. When I tested the ringtone in PhoneZap is played just fine and when I selected it as the ringtone for the contact it played the preview just fine as well. But, when the person called, it just rang with the Marimba ringtone and not the one I created. So, I tried it again with a different song and this time my iPhone didn’t ring at all when Doug called. So, I changed the ringtone back to Marimba and everything worked just fine. This app is still in beta so hopefully the next update will address this bug. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3 PhoneZap 1.2.3

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  1. zdrachago says

    i tested this app before your review was made on it.. and i didn’t quite understand the app.. but the ringtone part did work for me! i selected the ringtone i had just made.. then resprung my springboard.. it worked fine! just thought i’d suggest that to maybe help out!

  2. Not Working (1.1.3 otb)
    Crushes et every time i open it..

  3. Yomommassis says

    Doesn’t seem to work for me either.

    Everytime I open the app it reaches the splash screen and starts “Loading” but just kicks me back to the home screen. :/
    (Firmware 1.1.4)

  4. nocompromise says

    Be careful with this app. First pic that came up after my install was pornographic.

    • niravava says

      what’s ur point… Lol

    • LOL — Voyeurs are a valid section of the amateur photographers. I found the whole experience to be kind of interesting. It’s a story of human nature.

  5. I found that when I went into the ringtone tab, none of my music appears that I have on my phone (no music, artists, albums nothing).

    Any ideas hwy?


  6. I have heard its a XXX version of Twinkle

  7. I have installed this app. but everything seems to be fine, except for the custom ringtones… it kinda sucks because it took me forever to find the right spot to make it sound great. eitherways, if anyone finds the solution, please update.


  8. Chris Wittig says

    First of all, not all of my music is listed in the ringtone section. That kind of sucked. Secondly, everything was working fine for a little while, with ringtones i had made assigned to different people. A couple days later though, the ringtones i had made stopped playing when people called. I opened PZ and to my suprise, in the manage part of Ringtones, none of my ringtones were listed!! Then, no ringtone (even the default ones on the phone) didnt work, and i had to completely reset and ziphone my phone again… Not sure why, but this is the best ringtone app ive found because it allows you to create your own. none that i have found so far lets you pick exactly what you want the ringtone to be

  9. When i go to create ringtons it doesnt load my whole ipod library does anyone have this problem?

  10. I can create a ringtone from my library but when I press save button It does nothing… No new tone is listed at settings/Sounds and also no tone appears at manage tab :???

    Im using 1.1.2 firm

  11. i made a ringtone in phonezap and i saved it, but when i go into settings, sounds then to ringtones, its not there! can anybody help find my ringtone?

  12. nimdabew says

    from what i have read, phonezap only works with mp3 file formats. its not compatable with mp4 wav or any other file formats. if you have converted all over to mp4 with itunes, maybe that is the reason you dont see your library. second, i have a problem when you are testing the ring tones before you save them, if the ring tone skips or repeats while in test mode, the ringtone wont be made correctally and you wont hear anything when the person calls or when you are testing the ringtone outside of phonezap. more bugs for them to fix, but the mp3 format is the only one supported right now

  13. I can’t uninstall this program as it is not in my uninstall list…. how do i uninstall this?

  14. bolivar aquino says


  15. Just upgraded the Phonezap through the installer, and when trying to use my original log in information it came back with a connection error each time. Other then that I am a big fan of the phonezap software!

  16. how do i delete the msgs ppl have sent to me from my phone zap .???

  17. Is this app avalible for 2.0 yet… i had it on 1.1.4 and it was awesome but i upgraded x[

  18. i have installed this but when i create a user name and save it. it keeps popping up an error message and i cant ever get past it i have tried re installing and turning the phone off… what should i do

  19. its a great app n now i can creat my own ringtones

    • Are you on firmware 2.0? If so how are you creating ringtones? I don’t see the option on mine.

  20. i have the 2.0 upgrade and phonezap doesnt have the option to do custom ringtones

  21. Phonezap

  22. i cant download pz
    its on my featured list but i cant download it what should i do ?

  23. When I download this app to my Iphone it doesn’t have the ringtone selection on it. I erased it and downloaded it again and no ringtone selection. Does anyone know what happened to it?

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