Sketches 0.7b4

sketches The update to Sketches is slightly surprising. Though, I have a theory on why this is! The update to version 0.7b4 of Sketches actually removes a few options from the application instead of adding them. However, lets start from the beginning. The first change you will see is that Sketches has a new icon…which is the reason I looked for five minutes before Doug finally found the app on my SpringBoard. When you open the application, you will notice that the theme has changed. Instead of the clear or red themes from the previous version you will now be greeted with a brown theme…reminds me of Starbucks! On the main screen, none of the options have changed. You can still email your creation, send it to Twitter, export it to your Photo Album, change the colors, add shapes, take a picture, import an image and so on.

The changes come in the Setup Menu. You no longer have the option to turn on/off Shake to Erase and Vibrate or the ability to change the theme to red. However, you can still shake your iPhone to erase your creation and it will vibrate when you do so. You just no longer have the option to turn these two features off. I have a feeling the change have to do with the AppStore and preparing Sketches to be launched through it. Still a classic application, a must have for every iPhone! Sketches is available through the AppTapp source.

Sketches 0.7b4 Sketches 0.7b4 Sketches 0.7b4 Sketches 0.7b4

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I love the clear/black theme, so I probably won’t be updating the app.

  2. I don’t think I’m going to update, I like the red theme and red icon. Its been on my iPhone since the beginning!

  3. kingleo1 says

    of course i’ll not update.. i mean why remove features!!! why not add the new brown theme and let the user choose between that and the red one??!!!.. why remove the choice of ‘shake to erase’ and have it mandatory!!

    i love the app, and in their defence i’d think that maybe this is like a cleanup of code (or maybe some sort of beta test for some new code pattern) in order to prepare for a major new release of Sketches 1.0 (maybe adding a brush and an eraser?)..

  4. I cant email any creation…..

  5. alex_dlc says

    really dont like it, wont get it. did they get sewed by the etch-a-sketch creators?

    • atrophic says

      sewed? like with needle and thread?

      How about sued? And whether they did or not it’s pretty clear they’re trying to avoid those problems in the future.

  6. can i in anyway get the old version from installer or just the file and i put an mi ipod i updated beacuse i didnt know anyone please?

  7. TheDiggin says

    i updated but didnt no what i was gettin into so i think il just hav to wait for it to get into the appstore


  8. Same here as TheDiggin…although if you don’t mind the slightly modified preferences, this version actually improves accuracy of free-style drawing, speeds up the program overall, fixes a few bugs, and overall looks cleaner.

    However, I do miss the old icon as well as the red theme…although i do like the removal of the borders around the buttons.

  9. Do not upgrade! I had to reboot afterwards because it killed sound, in everything, iPod, keyclicks, you name it. Also, hate the new off-white background, give me back my slate grey!

    Any way to downgrade, anyone know?

  10. i found that it is not working properly. When I choose “Arrow Line” or “Box” or any of the other drawing tools besides “Line” I still only get “Line”. Can’t draw anything except lines. “Anyone have the old sketches app archived?