Sketches 0.7b7

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Sketches The update to Sketches 0.7b7 only has one change that I have noticed. You are now able to shake to erase your drawings. A few updates ago, that feature was removed, but it looks like they have added it back in! Other than that, I do not notice any visual changes to the application. Let me know in the comments if you notice anything. Sketches is available through the AppTapp Offical source.

Note: Available on 1.1.4 and below

Sketches Coming to App Store

SketchesArs Technica got an interview with the developers of Sketches at WWDC. Sketches is getting totally revamped and has some great new features. I love the thumbnails of all the sketches you’ve made being held up by little thumbtacks. Another great idea and feature is using a map as a background to draw on. It drops a pin of your current location in the center of the map and then you can draw on it. Think if you want to tell somewhere to meet; you can just take a pic and send it quick, even add notes and arrows. You can still draw on a existing photos or take a new one. You can even use a webpage’s screenshot! [Read more…]

Sketches 0.7b5

Sketches The update to version 0.7b5 of Sketches does not add any new features or make any huge visual changes to the application. However, it does fix a bug and make some improvements to the app. Some small visual changes include the Camera and Photo icons are slightly different and they also now have the indented button background. The main icon has also been updated…it is much cleaner around the edges. The bug fix has to do with Sketches not correctly remembering the last drawing when you close the application. There were also Twitter improvements which include, [Read more…]