Sketches Coming to App Store

SketchesArs Technica got an interview with the developers of Sketches at WWDC. Sketches is getting totally revamped and has some great new features. I love the thumbnails of all the sketches you’ve made being held up by little thumbtacks. Another great idea and feature is using a map as a background to draw on. It drops a pin of your current location in the center of the map and then you can draw on it. Think if you want to tell somewhere to meet; you can just take a pic and send it quick, even add notes and arrows. You can still draw on a existing photos or take a new one. You can even use a webpage’s screenshot!

The biggest feature, I think, is you can zoom into an area to make it more detailed. We’re getting closer to Photoshop/Illustrator type of apps! If you remember the app DressUp where you could add glasses, beards, objects, etc, this has been added to the new Sketches too. No pricing has been determined for this app yet but the developer says it will be “affordable”.

UPDATE: I’m sure they’ve already thought of this but if they were to come out with new object packages for holidays and things over time, they would sell well if priced right.

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  1. is this version only available through the app store or will it be distributed thru the installer as well?
    this has always been one of my favorite apps & i’d love to have this version with those great tweaks!!!

    • App Store only, notice the last paragraph of the article on Ars site.

      “Jorge and Pedro told us that they’re extremely excited about their prospects developing for the iPhone and have plans to start building additional applications once they have solidified up a 1.0 release of Sketches. They reiterated what we’ve heard all week from developers, which is that they feel that the iPhone—to be sold in over 70 countries in the world and marketed by Apple, directly to iPhone owners—is essentially a wide open market for Mac and mobile developers alike to make a living for the foreseeable future. ”

      This isn’t as direct as some things said at the keynote. They kept plugging the App Store as the best way to get apps on your iPhone. I’ve also heard that Apple is not letting apps to be in both the App Store and Installer.

  2. the article says they’re selling it through appstore, and that it’s ‘unrecognizable’ to previous versions. i doubt they’ll also be releasing it through installer for free. they’re going ‘legit’ with it.

  3. Do any of u know the app Thtouch(poker) it done seem to work

  4. I’m willing to drop a few bucks for it through the app store when it does release!!
    Nice work indeed!!
    I’m sorta reluctant to ditch my iphone for the 3g phone because of all the kool programs I stand to lose!

  5. alex_dlc says

    i dont like how its brown now, i love the red sketches, thats why i didnt update it

  6. guys over at latenightsoft. cmon, dont charge for sketches. sketches is one of those classic apps that ever jailobreaker has, and best of all it’s free. it would be really sad to see you have to pay for it. one question, will you be releasing anymore updates to the installer sketches. and if you do, will it be free?

  7. how can apple police what is on installer? even if they threaten the developers, if someone gets a hold of a developer’s code, how can the developer stop installer people from hosting it?

  8. It is currently availabler on jailbroken iphones and ipod touches for free through installer