Sketches 0.7b7

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

Sketches The update to Sketches 0.7b7 only has one change that I have noticed. You are now able to shake to erase your drawings. A few updates ago, that feature was removed, but it looks like they have added it back in! Other than that, I do not notice any visual changes to the application. Let me know in the comments if you notice anything. Sketches is available through the AppTapp Offical source.

Note: Available on 1.1.4 and below

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  1. I think the shaking to erase was there all along be4 this upgrade.

  2. I can’t find the new version in Installer (i’m running on 1.1.4). When I open the 0.7b6 version it says “Beta Expired” and it gives a website. I go the website and I can’t find anything on this new beta version. Someone help me find this on Installer please?! Thanks!

  3. wait…. available in installer??? YOU’RE TELLING ME INSTALLER IS AVAILABLE AND I DIDNT KNOW?!?!?!?!?!

  4. nvm….

  5. Since when it’s only a demo? I didn’t updated when they change the logo. I didn’t used it for a long time then I got this message:

    Beta Expired

    Many thanks for trying Sketches out, unfortunately, this beta version of Sketches has expired.

    Then saying to visit they websie to get a newer version.
    I updated the version, worked for like some time and again, beta version message, closing the app after saying okay.

    Noooo! :(

    • They have changed the logo for quite a while now. Since it’s only a beta version, after a while, they will release an updated version, which extends the time you can use the apps. That’s all:)

  6. DJContagious says

    has anyone got it for 2.0? i mean the App store version. I wanna know how it runs…

  7. says

    tbh the appstore version of sketches is in incredible, it includes some extra versions that were not on the installer version.